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Getting Started

January 1 2015 | Matt

Getting Started

Whether brand new to caravan and camping, or a 12 year veteran, our “Getting Started Articles” give a great overview of things to consider before planning your trip.

  1. Powering your Jayco 12V and 240V options – Help understanding which appliances can be used in your Jayco.
  2. 5 Caravan Insurance Tips – An overview of things to consider when insuring your caravan
  3. Our 10 Favourite Caravan & Camping Hacks  – A list of simple but ingenuous ways to make caravan and camping a little bit easier
  4. Free Camping Around Adelaide – Check out where you can pull up the van or pitch a tent without spending a dime
  5. Pet Friendly Caravan Parks – When you want to make sure pooch can come along for the ride
  6. Caravan Etiquette – The do’s and don’t’s of sharing space with your fellow travellers
  7. RV Accessories – Accessories that will make travelling that bit easier
  8. Top 10 National Parks – 10 national parks to put on your ‘to travel’ list
  9. SA’s Best Fishing Spots – Our top rated spots to catch a bite in SA

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12 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. I have 2005 jayco freedom with battery hooked up to setec and want to run auxiliary socket near fridge , when hooked up to 12 volt wire behind fridge the aux socket had good voltage but when you connect cigarette plug to 12 v appliance the voltage drops to 2 volts , I was hoping to use the existing 12 v wiring in van which runs from setec rather than running a new cable from the van battery to my auxiliary plug

  2. Hi Greg,

    Would certainly recommend not picking up off the fridge wire. It also depends on what you want run from the aux point. It could be wiser to run back to battery.

    1. Hi Lex,

      if your camper is fitted with a 3 way fridge and wired correctly (car & van) yes it will run on 12v. Units built in the 80’s no but reckon in 91 campers were fitted with 3 way…..not 100%. Your fridge nob will indicate type (ie 12v, gas, 240V or AC, DC, Gas) and will need to confirm wring through your local repairer or auto elec.

      Hope this helps?


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