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January 1 2015 | Matt

Most Popular

Check out some of our most popular articles. From caravan hacks to camping spots, there’s something for everyone in the article library.

  1. Powering your Jayco 12V and 240V options – Help understanding which appliances can be used in your Jayco
  2. A Great Concept Van – Showing there’s more than one way to make an innovative caravan
  3. Most Popular RV Accessories – Accessories that will make traveling that bit easier
  4. Caravan Etiquette – The do’s and don’t’s of sharing space with your fellow travelers
  5. Free Camping Around Adelaide – Check out where you can pull up the van or pitch a tent without spending a dime
  6. 7 Great Family Friendly Destinations – Pack the family up and head out to these family friendly destinations, which everything you need to keep the kids amused
  7. Best Places to Eat in Country SA – Being on the road doesn’t mean having to compromise on food options
  8. Top 10 National Parks – 10 national parks to put on your ‘to travel’ list
  9. SA’s Best Fishing Spots – Our top rated spots to catch a bite in SA
  10. Australia’s Best Country Pubs – Drop in for a beer at some of Australia’s best regional drinking spots
  11. Byron Bay and Back – Follow along on an RV holiday of a lifetime

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3 thoughts on “Most Popular”

  1. Hi
    I have a 2013 Sterling 21.66-3 and i am trying to understand how the Sphere wireless controller is wired into the lighting circuits. There are 10 wires. 6 are output circuits. 3 are 12 volt inputs. And there is a single earth.
    My Setec has 8 circuits of which 2 circuits are for the lights. Are the outputs from the wireless controller the negative side of the circuit? My theory is 12 volt positive comes from fuse to all lights then negative back to the Sphere controller. I can’t figure out any other way the wireless controller could be wired into the circuitry. Does this make sense? I am assuming the 3 12 volt inputs are controlling the pairing of the wireless light switches. I have probably goten this wrong but cannot find any information to explain it.

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