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SA Animal Experiences

April 28 2016 | Matt

SA Animal Experiences

Australian flora and fauna is some of the most beautiful in the world. You don’t have to travel far to have an experience that will remind you just how lucky you are to live in such a diverse country. South Australia has a number of places where you can interact with animals, both in their natural habitat and under human care. We’ve put together our top picks for the best animal interactions you can have in the state.

The sea lions of kangaroo island

Often found lazing about the beach, the sea lions of Kangaroo Island are an encounter not to be missed. There are two ways to view the lions, by a boardwalk or guided tour. The guided tour is the more expensive of the two options, but allows you to go down onto the beach for a closer look. If you can afford to splurge a little extra then we highly recommend taking the tour and making the most of your visit. More information on sea lion tours can be found here.

One visitor commented…

“Such knowledgeable staff! We thoroughly enjoyed our beach tour of the sea lions. It was such a memorable experience being among the wild animals in their natural habitat and having an expert on hand to answer questions.”

Exotic experiences at Monarto Zoo

Opening originally in 1983 as a breeding and pasture area, Monarto is now one of the largest open-range zoos in the world spanning more than 1,500 hectares.

The range of animals that can be found at Monarto zoo is phenomenal! The stars of the show are often the zebras, giraffes, lions and chimpanzees. Being able to view these animals in such a spacious setting really gives you the opportunity to see them relaxed and happy. There are a number of visiting options at Monarto including driving tours, interactive experiences, and even getting to be a “keeper for a day”! More visitor information can be found here.

One visitor commented…

“A fantastic zoo – the animals are obviously healthy and well looked after, the enclosures are immaculate. It’s great to see the exotic animals being able to roam in large exhibits.”

Cuddle a Koala at Cleland Wildlife Park

Cleland Wildlife Park is located just 15 minutes from the city centre and has operated as a major tourist attraction in South Australia since 1967. The thing that sets Cleland Wildlife Park apart is the chance to get up and close with the animals. The “Koala Experience” is one of the attractions that Cleland is most well-known for, and allows visitors to have a cuddle with a koala for $30. Information on interacting with the koalas can be found here.

One visitor commented…

“The wildlife is awesome in Cleland. We took the grand kids and they had a ball. How often do you get to cuddle a koala? What an experience for young children. They talk about that trip constantly and keep on at us to take them again.”

The Pt Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

The dolphin sanctuary at Port Adelaide is one of the best places to go in SA if you’d like to do some dolphin spotting. Set amongst a 10,000 year old mangrove forest, the sanctuary homes a pod of roughly 30 dolphins but often has 300 visiting the area throughout the year.

There are a few different ways you can view the dolphins. These include a walking trail that gives visitors the opportunity to watch dolphins from the shore, various cruises that depart from the Port Adelaide lighthouse, or the highly popular kayak tours which give you the chance to get close to the animals (while respecting the rules set out by the sanctuary). Information on the boat tours can be found here, and kayaking found here.

One visitor commented…

“Our tour guide, Sarah took us on an amazing adventure! She gave us all sorts of interesting facts and figures on the dolphins, the shipwrecks and the mangroves. We saw a pod of dolphins frolicking in the river and they certainly put on a spectacular show for us!”

The Beltana Camel Experience

If you feel like getting a bit further out of Adelaide then The Beltana Camel Experience in the Flinders Rangers could be perfect for you. There are options ranging from 30 minute rides to overnight camel safaris… Set against the backdrop of the Flinders Rangers, we think this would just be a simply incredible experience.

One visitor commented…

“Such a genuine experience for our family. Khamal and Marie are so generous with their knowledge and go above and beyond to make sure everyone had a great experience. The kids loved it and we now all have a soft spot for these beautiful creatures. Thank you!”

Have we missed your favourite spot to check out animals in SA? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “SA Animal Experiences”

  1. We have been very lucky to have Visited all the above and have enjoyed them all My favourite would have to be the cheeky Meerkats at the zoo. We have also seen nearly all the zoo’s and wildlife parks in Australia except for Tasmania. At the Townsville Zoo I was lucky to be picked to feed a Baby Koala that was great. At Monkey Mia I was once again to be the lucky 5th. person to feed the lovely Dolphins . We truly are a lucky country, but we must really look after our precious Animals etc…

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