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May 1 2014 | matt

All beginners should know these guidelines

We’ve had a LOT of requests to write an article on how to follow simple caravan etiquette, from the highway to the caravan park. If you’re new to the lifestyle or want to make sure your manners are up to scratch, check out this guide written by experienced caravanners.

Caravan Park Etiquette

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours! You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this makes towards everyone enjoying their time at the park. You might even score a free meal and a good chin-wag with some great people.
  • Don’t walk across anybody else’s site. You might be able to get to the toilet block faster, but you’ll step on some toes at the same time. Try to stick to the roads and walkways where possible.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a pet with you, make sure it’s under control. Not everyone is an animal lover. Also, make sure that pets are allowed in the park!
  • Park your car on your own caravan site.
  • Empty toilet waste in designated dump stations or toilets and do not rinse them in the bathroom sinks or camp kitchens.
  • Always wash down a dump station with the hose provided after emptying your holding tanks.
  • Use a sullage hose for greywater. No-one appreciates the noise of sullage spashing from the sink onto the ground.
  • Take all your rubbish away with you when you leave.
  • The majority of caravan sites will have specified areas for activities and ball games purposefully set away from the caravans. Use these areas if you and your children want to play.
  • Monitor how much noise is coming from your campsite. Try to keep noise before 8am and after 10pm to a minimum. This applies to music, generators and loud TV sets. If you want to stay up late drinking with friends, consider the local pub or a more secluded area of the park instead of your caravan site.
  • Always follow the park rules if they have some in place.

Driving Etiquette

  • Towing a caravan requires significant handling skills, constant vigilance and spatial awareness. It is essential that you remain aware at all times of the fact that you are towing a significant weight. By remaining in the far-left lane whenever possible, you will convey a message that you are a courteous driver.
  • When parking, be mindful that your van is parked on your designated allotment out of respect for fellow caravanners.
  • Keep a watchful eye on your towing mirrors to take note of whether there is a build up of traffic behind your van. To avoid holding up other drivers, it is considered polite to pull over and allow them to pass. On gravel and narrow roads, if you see a road train or semi coming, pull right off the road and pull up. This gives the truckie a clear run so he can stay on the tar and prevent kicked up stones and dust.
  • Last but not least: give other RV drivers a nod as you pass on the highway. We’re all in this together!

Have we missed anything important? Please let others know in the comments section below.

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17 thoughts on “CARAVAN ETIQUETTE”

  1. If you must use the radio use it for what it is meant for. It is not like your home phone. EVERYONE IS LISTENING TO YOU. make your calls short and to the point

  2. Please don’t leave your air con turned off after 10pm – trying to sleep while an air con is on all night or comes on and off on an auto setting is really difficult – you may think your air con is silent but outside it is not quiet and disturbs your near neighbours

  3. Please don’t leave your air con turned on after 10pm – trying to sleep while an air con is on all night or comes on and off on an auto setting is really difficult – you may think your air con is silent but outside it is not quiet and disturbs your near neighbours

  4. It’s never too early to start-Teach your children park etiquette from an early age.Remind them that the ammenities block is not a play area and that screaming around the park at 7 am is not acceptable (my guess is that the parents send them outside because its
    ‘s too early!)

    Leave your shower cubicle as you would like to find it-clean floor and dry and tidy seat/bench.

  5. Install a UHF radio & tune to channel 40. You will be able to hear the truck drivers & be able to monitor road conditions from their conversations.

  6. Rubbish should be securely wrapped or in a plastic bag before placing in the rubbish bins. Nothing is worse than a smelly rubbish bin near your caravan.

  7. Two things that are annoying to caravaners are:

    1.Starting a deisel engined vehicle 5 or 10 mins before ones departure is unecessary. Modern deisels don’t need a warm up period – its noisy and smelly for your fellow caravaners.

    2. Van stabilizer legs don’t necessarly need to squeek and squeal going up or down at a site. Squirt some CRC on the screw jack tracks, the task takes all of 2 mins to complete and the result is sooo much quieter.

    1. Our old bus has a diesel engine and air brakes – we need to start the bus approx. 15 minutes before we leave in order to get the air up to the brakes otherwise we go nowhere.
      In saying that we never usually leave before 10am so there shouldn’t be a problem

  8. I agree with Catherine,aspecialy point 2 have just spent Easter on the Eyre Peninsula and the condition that shower cubicles and dunny bowles were left in and how lazy some people are, it makes you wonder who cleans the shower and toilet at home? Not all the cleaning should be left to the park cleaners we to have a reasponsability to.

  9. Caravaners – don’t park in truck parks. Truck drivers are compelled by law to take breaks after a certain time on the road. If the truck park is full of caravans and they go over their time without a break HEFTY fines apply. Be considerate.

  10. I have noticed that there are a lot of caravaners that are breaking the Law by not fitting caravan mirrors or extender mirrors. A saying from some Truckers goes like this- IF YOU CAN NOT SEE MY MIRRORS THEN I CAN NOT SEE YOU.
    If the vehicle behind you can not see your mirrors how can you see them.
    Be safe and fit caravan mirrors, please

      1. Caron. A camera system does not comply and the law states you must be able to see down bth sides of the vehicle combination. NotJUST behind. So invest in some good quality mirrors

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