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Service Department Specials May and July!

May 28 2018 | Jade Walsh

Service Department Specials May and July!

Anti Flap Kit


Aussie Traveller anti flap kit supplied and fitted to your RV!

Great for protecting your awning against wind flap plus it also allows you to add annexe walls!

Supply & Fit: $380.00.


Curved Roof Rafters


SUPEX curved awning tension rafter fitted to your RV!

Great cost effective way to prevent your awning from sagging, easy to set up and easy to install!

Supply & Fit: $130.00


External Picnic Table


Coast to Coast white external picnic table fitted to your RV!

Easy to use, lockable picnic table that suits most RV’s!

*please note the table is white and does not come with decals on the outside of the picnic table!

Supply & Fit: $270.00


If you are interested in any of the above specials book in today by contacting 08 8293 1000 or emailing [email protected] 

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