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South Australia’s Best Fishing Spots

June 24 2015 | Matt

Our top rated spots to catch a bite


Peace, tranquillity, and sunsets… all while catching dinner. Fishing is a major part of the true blue Australian experience, and when you head out caravan and camping a nice fishing spot never goes amiss. We’ve listed some of South Australia’s best fishing spots to head out to while exploring the state.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is off the mainland of South Australia, and takes approximately 3.5 hours to reach from Adelaide. The beautiful island is well known for its lazy sea lions, national parks, and unique land marks. Additionally, it has great fishing spots to be enjoyed on pristine beaches.

You can head to Kingscote, located between the Bay of Shoals and Nepean Bay, where there are good choices between boat, jetty or shore fishing. You can expect to run into Whiting, Gar, Salmon, Trout, and sand crabs. Other key spots are the Cygnet River, Port Morrison, American, River, Rocky Point, and American beach.

Marion Bay

Marion Bay is 3.5 hours away from Adelaide, located in the Yorke Peninsula. This small town only has a population of 251 during off peak, however numbers swell during the summer months. People are attracted to the pristine beaches, Innes National Park, wildlife, and true city escape experience.

Being located at the bottom of the peninsula means that visitors have the option of finishing from two different gulfs, Spencer and St Vincent. The two gulfs offer different fishing opportunities, with St Vincent known for its King George Whiting, and the Spencer Gulf for its massive snapper. With beach and jetty fishing available, a boat is not necessary to have a great fishing trip.

Port Hughes

Port Hughes is one of the most popular fishing destinations in the York Peninsula, located just 2 hours out of Adelaide. Like many other small coastal towns people are drawn to the pristine country side, beaches, and relaxed lifestyle. Additionally, The Dunes golf course is a popular spot for a round of golf.

Port Hughes has a long jetty, small boat harbour with a dual lane ramp, and a wide range of accommodation options. Snapper and King George are the most common fish to come across, but there are also plenty of Snook, Gar and squid.

Rapid Bay

Rapid Bay is a small seaside town located 2 hours south of Adelaide. Historically the site that Colonel William Light first made landfall on mainland South Australia, the town is named after Light’s ship, Rapid. Rapid bay has a number of draw cards for visitors. Known as a premiere spot for scuba divers, there are a number of aquatic animals to be seen, such as Leafy Sea Dragons and Weedy Sea Dragons.

Fishers can set up along the new jetty, opened in 2009, whiling taking in the view of the historic jetty that stands as a traditional landmark of the town. Rapid bay is well known for a variety of fish, big Whiting (some topping 50cm), and an abundance of squid.

Did we miss your favourite spot? Let us know in the comments!

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