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June 16 2015 | Matt

Advice for hitting the open road


Packing up to spend 6 months to a year on the road is a dream for many caravan owners. While spending a few weeks caravanning is fun, there’s something very different about travelling for extended periods. Check out some of our best tips before commencing an extended trip.



The first thing to consider before an extended trip is budget. The length and quality of where you can stay will vary significantly by the amount of money you have at your disposal for the trip. You don’t want to get halfway through the trip to discover money is running low and you’ll have to head back early, potentially missing out on some great experiences. There are the standard costs to expect – accommodation, food, fuel, replacement parts, entertainment. But then there’s also once off experiences that are outside of the standard budget – for example, a hot air balloon ride over a region. When estimating costs conduct as much research as possible online, and then estimate conservatively. There are a number of free templates that can be found online, and these can be a great way to make sure you haven’t overlooked a cost.

Being Emergency Ready


You’re half way across Australia, and the worst happens, do you have a plan? When we think of travel insurance it typically strikes us as something we get when traveling overseas, anticipating lost baggage or double booked hotels. It’s easy to feel so at home within Australia that you can forget about worst case scenarios.

We recommend speaking to your car/caravan insurance provider to see the level of assistance or cover they provide for you in an emergency. A situation many older couples experience is an illness or injury striking one person, requiring hospital treatment, and the other is then left to work out how to get the caravan home (which can sometimes be multiple days worth of travel). Some insurance companies have special assistance schemes when trouble strikes their customers far away from home. Alternatively look at domestic travel insurance, and make sure you’ve got a plan in place to avoid stressful and expensive situations.

Additionally, ensure you upgrade to premium road side assistance before you leave. 100 KM of of break down towing seems a lot less ridiculous when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Festivals and Special Events


There are a couple of good reasons to be aware of what’s on while passing through a region.

The first being you don’t want to miss out on a great event that showcases the local community. Australia proudly holds a number of festivals in both major cities and rural areas. These can range from music, cultural, arts, food, and more! Make sure to thoroughly research not just towns, but the regions you’re planning to go through before embarking to give yourself the best chance of planning for these special events.

The second reason is you might want to avoid them. Festivals and special events bring a surge of people, and in small rural towns caravan parks can get fully booked out at premium prices. While small towns thrive on the economic benefit festivals and special events can bring, for the traveler wanting to pass through it can be an expensive nuisance. A sleepy beach side town isn’t so sleepy when it’s bursting at the seams.

Income On The Road


While not everyone needs or wants to spend time working while on a great adventure, there are those who appreciate the opportunity for little extra padding in their wallet.

Utilize an existing skill is one way to earn a few extra dollars. Those who have trades such as electrical, plumbing, painting, and mechanics can ask around about odd jobs, contact agencies about temp work, or just ask at the local pub if anyone needs a hand. While it’s vital to have an ABN, insurance, and appropriate licenses to carry out this type of work while traveling, the ability to do so while on the road can help extend your trip.

Hospitality skills are another area that allows you to easily slip in and lend a hand for a few weeks while stationed in a town. Pubs and restaurants are often on the lookout for casual staff, especially those who are happy to be called in for a shift last minute.

Work About Australia is a great resource for finding job while on the road.

What are your best tips for extended trips?

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  1. Great tips on extended or extending one’s trip; however, I have to point out the general perception in the article that infers a definite need for an ABN whilst on the road. As indicated later, if oneself is a qualified something, of course ABN applies & you would have undoubtedly have one already. There are plenty of jobs out there that don’t require ABN status.

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