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Our 10 Favourite Caravan Hacks

July 16 2015 | Matt

Our 10 Favourite Caravan Hacks

Simple but brilliant ways to make your next trip a little easier

If you haven’t heard of “Life Hacks”, they’re used to describe simple but fantastic ideas that can make life that little bit easier. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite caravan and camping hacks to get you started.

1. Place foam tiles on the floor of your tent for a softer and more comfortable nights sleep.


2. Burn sage as a natural bug deterrent around the campfire.


3. Point a headlamp or other strong light into a clear water container for a light without glare. An empty 2L milk carton filled with water can work well for this.


4. Keep power chord connections off damp ground and protected from rain using an upside down bucket with two holes.


5. Slice a bar of soap to create single-use portions and keep in a waterproof container. No more dealing with a wet soap bar someone else has just used.


6. If you’ve forgotten to bring speakers then a cup is all you need to make a DIY system.


7. Protect toilet paper from getting wet, dropped, or steamed up in a shower block. Re-use a container of the same size with a slit down one side as a TP protector. Coffee and hot chocolate containers are normally around the right size.


8. Create a mini kitchen with the help of a tree, a belt, and some hooks.


9. In need of a sweet treat after dinner? Ditch the ice cream, we’ve got something much better to fill cones with!


10. While we don’t like the idea of a thief going through our van or tent, it’s sometimes an unfortunate occurrence of sharing space with others. If you need to leave valuables in your van or tent, consider picking up some solid condiment containers. It’s doubtful a thief will search through a your pantry for jewelry.


Share your best hacks in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Our 10 Favourite Caravan Hacks”

  1. While we don’t like the idea of a thief going through our van’s, instead of th condiment containers consider going to bunnings and buying a small safe and bolting it into wardrobe of you caravan, much safer than the condiment containers.

  2. Hi all when we would free camp in our caravan & leave it for the day I would remove the break away cable so it would lock on the elec brakes on all the wheels it would not make our battiers flat as we had roof mount solar panels.

  3. Not keen on Hack #4 with a bucket for a power cord connection. Any rain that enters the holes will run down the cord and into the connection. This can be fixed by fitting a hook to the base of the bucket and lopping the cord over it. However, many caravan parks disallow the use of extension cords, and in fact I suspect that it is a legal requirement (thanks to wiring rules) that cords to caravans etc must be in one continuous length.

  4. Some really handy tips here. Nice. Have to disagree with Richard. While I agree that water would drip down the cord inside the bucket, the water would drip away when it reaches the plug and wouldn’t reach the electrodes. If you really wanted to get super safe, just cling-wrap around the plugs and presto 🙂

  5. Next month, I will be going on a caravan trip with my husband and two children and so I definitely love all of these hacks, especially the one about ditching the ice cream. I definitely love what you did with the cones being filled up with marshmallows, strawberries and chocolate chips and then being wrapped up in tin foil to be cooked. However, I would probably skip out on the strawberries and do apples instead.

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