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Powering Your Jayco – 2018 Update

August 30 2018 | Jade Walsh

Powering Your Jayco – 2018 Update

Powering your RV is straightforward but knowing a few simple things will make sure you have power when you need it. RV Life has updated this popular article after changes to the set-up of power systems in recent model Jaycos.

Connecting 240v

Every Jayco RV is powered by 12 volt and 240 system.

12-volt systems power the lights, radio, television and any other 12v accessories. 240v runs your power points, air con, fridge, powers your 12-volt system, and charges your battery (if installed).

To run 240V, simply plug a 15amp 240v power source into your van’s external power socket (as pictured above).


12 Volt Systems in New Jaycos

Most Jaycos allow you to draw 12 volts in two ways – either via 240v (when it’s plugged in) that’s then converted to 12 volts using a van’s transformer, or directly from batteries.

12-volt systems comprise several circuits and each circuit will have its own fuse. All fuses on recent model Jayco’s are easily located on the transformer unit.

Tip: If you blow a fuse we recommend you get your van’s electrics checked by a competent professional. After all, the fuse probably blew for a reason! 


Batteries Onboard New Jaycos

Batteries are great during blackouts, if free camping or in remote parks with limited access to a 240V power source.

To switch to battery power, you’ll need to know where to find your RV’s battery isolation switch.  The location and type of switch can vary depending on the layout of your RV. You’ll be shown where it is during the handover of your new RV.

The isolation switch is simple to operate. If your using your RV have it switched turned on. If storing your RV turn the switch off to avoid having a flat battery before embarking on your next holiday.

Tip: The best way to charge your batteries is from a 240v power source. Solar panels are a terrific option to keep batteries topped up when travelling. 


Do you have an older used Jayco? Click here to watch the original “Powering Your Jayco” video.

Stay tuned: a new “powering your Jayco” video is coming soon!

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