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Internet on the Road – Part 2

September 4 2010 | andy

Wireless Anywhere 3G Internet (Dongle or Router)

This is a network you can use away from home via a laptop. It provides a private Internet connection via mobile phone towers and will get you online wherever a mobile signal is available from your chosen mobile carrier. (NextG has the best coverage for travellers).


  • You get a more secure Internet access and it’s available whenever you want
  • You can purchase Prepaid or Post Paid plans and you pay for what you use (up to 300mb per month)
  • If you get a 3G Router you can share the connection with anyone with a wireless device.


  • You need your own laptop and you have to buy hardware (that is, the dongle that goes into your laptop’s USB port)
  • It’s expensive for one-off usage so you’ll need to commit to a plan; and
  • The Internet signal can be flaky, unreliable and sometimes slow.

Contact ACC’s Accessories Team for further questions or if you think you may need this option.

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