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Internet on the Road – Part 3

September 7 2010 | andy

WiFi Hotspots are good value when you’re in town

Some coffee shops, fast food cafes or shopping centres attract travelers that own laptops or smartphones by offering free or low cost access to the Internet. Many well-known retailers such as McDonald’s and Gloria Jean’s Coffee shops are offering a WiFi service because it’s good for business.

WiFi provides a shared Internet connection over the air within 30 metres of the hotspot. Nearly all devices built within the last 4 years are fitted with WiFi, which is evidence of the system’s popularity.


  • Reliable, cheap & pay-as-you-go OR FREE; and
  • Safer than Internet cafes because you use your own device.


  • You need your own laptop
  • Need to be near a populated area
  • Access is restricted to retail trading hours

You can locate hotspots anywhere in Australia using these two great websites:

Contact ACC’s Accessories Team for further questions or if you think you may need this option.

To learn more, check out these articles that review the most popular options to get online when travelling.

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