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September 28 2012 | leanne

There is nothing worse than having to leave your wonderful dog, companion and friend pining at home or miserable in the company of strangers because you couldn’t find a pet friendly caravan park.

Here’s a list of pet friendly parks in South Australia:

Ceduna Foreshore Caravan Park
25 Poynton St Ceduna 5690
Ph: 08 8625 2290
Elliston Caravan Park Caravan Park
Beach Tce Elliston 5670
Ph: 08 8687 9076
Flinders Ranges Caravan Park
Leigh Creek Rd Hawker 5434
Ph: 98 8648 4266
Highway One Caravan Park
925-963 Port Wakefield Road, Bolivar 5110
Ph: 08 8250 3737
Arno Bay
Arno Bay Caravan Park
10 Park Lane, Arno Bay 5603
Ph: 08 8628 0157

Have we missed any parks that you know are pet friendly? Please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Coffin Bay Caravan Park, Berri Caravan Park, North Shores Caravan Park (Wallaroo) are all pet friendly. We have stayed at all 3 in the last 12 months with our two whippets.

    1. Stayed in all of them with our two staffies….absolutely stress free, loved it! We are actually going back to Rawnsley in a week or so with our two pooches!

  2. have two westhighland terriers they are our babies stayed at fisherman haven plamers island great pet friendly caravan park great for pets there is dog sitting if you want to go out for dinner the fishing is great roslyn

  3. Victor Harbor Foreshore, Goolwa and the Jetty at Normanville are Pet Friendly.
    P.S Couldn’t believe it when I read a letter from a Park visitor asking for bans on dogs in Parks.
    Sure they need to be well behaved and managed but we’ve had much more annoyance from screaming kids and loud music–but even that isn’t enough to spoil all the plusses of caravanning!
    Seems to be that more Parks are going dog friendly–particularly out of high Season. CONGRATULATIONS from the travelling “oldies with dog”.

  4. Clayton Bay!!

    + we have stayed at most of the parks listed above and had good “doggy friendly” experiences at all of them with our 2 maltese shitzus and 3 kids!!

  5. Please Jayco,…consider publishing a small booklet for us[soon], to purchase,that includes all these recommendations.OR a free booklet at stores, with a charity box donation A state shelter that does not destroy animals.
    Thank you.

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