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Operating Your Jayco Fridge

November 1 2010 | Matt

Not sure how your fridge works. Here’s a few tips to make sure you don’t spoil good food or flatten your car battery.

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9 thoughts on “Operating Your Jayco Fridge”

  1. Hi happy campers
    I have a 2009 Finch, and have not been able to power the fridge from my car,(I have been told I need a hot wire??), or to run it off lead 2 from the 7 pin connector (where I have been told I apparently need to upgrade the wire to the no. 2 pin wire on my car to a heavier gauge which makes sense)
    Can anyone please inform me how to power the fridge from my car. What size wire and any breakers, fuses, or other items may be needed

    1. Hi Newton,

      A couple of options you can go, I think what you are referring too is an Anderson plug which is basically two wires running from your fridge in your RV through to your A-frame and terminated into an Anderson plug. Then you would get an Anderson plug fitted to your car to plug into your RV Anderson plug which would allow your fridge to operated on 12v will your driving along. I would also recommend getting a relay fitted to the Anderson plug on your car so when you stop it doesn’t drain the battery in your car if the Anderson plug is still plugged in.

      You can contact our team and ALLRV Parts and Accessories, they fit Anderson plugs to cars and would be able to assist with any fittings or more queries.

      Jade – Australian Caravans

  2. I’ve been reading that the Jayco camper trailer fridge runs and the temperature is maintained (during travelling) off the car battery through the towbar 7 pin plug , to the camper trailer . And that where an Anderson Plug is fitted, it purely charges the deep cycle battery in the campervan. Is this not the case?

    1. Hi Chris,

      That is correct, you get 12v power through to your fridge which maintains the temp on your fridge while you are travelling, an Anderson plug can be fitted so that it either runs straight through to your van’s battery or in some cases if you are missing the power wire in your car plug you can setup an Anderson plug to run directly to the fridge to give it power.


      Jade – ACC

        1. Hi Steve, If your fridge has a 12volt setting that should be the option you select while traveling. This will maintain the temp inside your fridge whilst you are on the move!

          Jade – ACC

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