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Powering Your Jayco – 12V & 240V options

November 1 2010 | andy

Learn what appliances run off  your Jayco 12 volt battery and what needs 240 volts.
Get to know where to find switches, your Jayco’s battery, transformer, fuses
and where to connect 240 volts. Also, discover how to monitor and maintain the
health of your van’s battery.

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316 thoughts on “Powering Your Jayco – 12V & 240V options”

  1. Hi , I’ve purchased a 2009 modle expander 18.57-60b and was hoping you might be able to tell me what the switch below the battery switch on the same switch pannel does. I was also unsure of the purpose of the inverter near the pump was for.
    Thanks Dominic Spiteri

    1. hey there Dominic,
      thanks for the question- This should be the water pump switch. usually it will look much like the battery switch and is sometimes, like in this case, on the same panel as the battery switch. You may not hear the pump come on if you turn it on, this means that the system already is up to pressure, however if you turn a tap on and let water run, you should hear the pump kick in eventually.
      The black box in that area is a converter- it’s purpose is to convert 240 V to 12 V. As most of the lights etc in the van are 12 volt, the converter will allow them to run when you have it plugged into 240V. If you also have a battery installed, this converter will provide a trickle charge to hopefully keep the battery topped up- providing you have the battery switch in the ‘on’ position.
      I hope this answers your question, feel free to fire more questions if your unsure and hopefully I can answer them for you.
      Tim Krieg

      1. Tim,
        I want to use portable solar panels to charge the battery that is installed in my jayco swan. As the van already has the black box which is the converter as well as the trickle charger for the battery is it possible to get solar panels that have a 240 volt plug on it that I can just plug into the vans power inlet, so instead of using the caravan parks 240 volt power to run my van I can just plug my solar panels in the same way as 240v power. I am trying to avoid additional wiring up from the battery.

        1. Hello Martin,

          thanks for your question.
          A simple answer to your question is no. a solar panel is a 12 volt power source, not a 240 volt power source.
          if you would like to do what you are proposing, you would need to have a 12 volt socket fitted, if you have this fitted, you will be able to just plug straight into that and then everything 12 volt will run.
          If you are trying to run 240 Volt appliances, you would be better off with a generator.

          I hope this answers your question.
          Tim Krieg

          1. Tim,
            Can you just simply plug the solar panels into the Anderson Plug where it normally connects to the tow vehicle?

        2. Hi
          I run my Charge Solar Panels(Regulated) through my 12pin Trailer Socket(Large Pins), plugging into the same sockets as the supply comes from the Alternator supply from the vehicle. Mark the socket plug with the + & – so you get connection right each time with the red + & black- wiring. you get the plug pins at any Auto Parts Co or Jaycar. So in my case when car is not connected Charge Panels are connected & van battery is always topped up & on Float.

          1. If I wanted to just run lights through a 7pin plug straight from a deep cycle battery (stand alone ) while free camping , what number pins do I use ? 99Jayco Starcraft .

          2. Hi Troy,

            I’m not too sure what is required (how the wiring would need to be run to power the lights from the plug) If you call through to our service department, They would be the best to give you advice on wiring something like that up. They can be contact on 08 82931000.

            Hopefully, they can point you in the right direction!


            Jade – ACC

        3. Hi, I have a 2015 outback eagle with the factory 12v external socket on the side of the van, was wondering if I can connect a portable solar panel into this 12v supply or do I have to use other means.

          Cheers Tony

        1. Hi Michael,
          We certainly wouldn’t recommend this….large output charger may boil the battery. However you could place a trickle charger on the battery while the van is plugged into 240v. But recommend to run during the day only but take off trickle charger overnight leaving 240v on.

          I hope this makes sense?

          1. Hi I’m not sure if this is related but what would cause your battery to boil while plugged into 240 volt at a caravan park

        1. Hi Peter,

          Could be element has blown in the fridge, hard to say without seeing the van,
          if give our service department a call they should be able to assist you on 08 82931000

          Jade ACC

    2. Hi Purchased a Jayco penguin wondering does the battery switch need to be in the on position for the battery to be charged whilst driving

  2. When you have a Battery in the Caravan, and you are at a Powered Site, do you have to turn off the Battery Switch before you plug in the 240V AC?
    Thanks – Cedric

    1. Hello Cedric,
      Thanks for your question.
      The battery and battery switch is always the most misunderstood thing in a caravan it seems.
      I like to keep it simple. If you are using the van leave the switch on. If you are storing the van then turn the switch off. (unless you want to charge the battery)
      To directly answer your question- no, you can leave the switch in the on position when you plug into 240Volt.
      Leaving the switch on, will allow the battery to charge while plugged in to either the car or the 240 Volt power. If you switch it off then the battery is sitting idle in a box doing nothing. Like all batteries, they like to be charged and don’t like to sit there never being used. If you go to use it 12 months later for free camping etc and it has never been charged, you might find it to be flat.
      See how you go with that.
      thanks again for the question.
      Tim Krieg

  3. Hi Tim,

    We’ve just purchased a Jayco Classique (1991). It’s wired for 12v for the fridge and lights but doesn’t have a battery system installed. I’d like to install a system but I can’t find where the 12v wiring runs back to (Which I assume will be the best place for the battery. Any hints? Thanks for your help.

    Steve Fowkes

    1. Hello there Steve,

      I do apologise for the delay in response. The Christmas Season has well and truly begun in the industry and is very busy.

      In just about all cases the 12Volt system will lead back to the 7 pin plug on the van. This is because then when you connect up your car, it will feed power to the fridge and lights etc.
      Pin 2 is the pin that carries the 12 volt. It is usually a black wire. Pin 3 is a white wire which is the earth.
      If you want to connect in a battery, I have done this previously by splicing into the loom somewhere at the rear of the a frame where the loom exits under the van and drill up into the floor underneath a cupboard or seat where you want to install the battery.

      You want to be a little careful with connecting a battery straight to this, as you will feed power back the other way as well through to the car.
      I will never recommend you carry out these installations yourself as I have seen too many 12 volt installs go wrong and as a results burnt wiring and potential fire hazard.

      Our workshop would be more than happy to make you a booking in the new year. they can be contacted on (08) 82931000.

      Thanks for your question.

  4. Hi, i have just replaced the battery on my Jayco caravan as i left it idle for too long .The problem that i am having is it does not work off the battery. the caravan power works when plugged into the on240 volt power .When switched to battery back up nothing. At the outside area in front of the battery there is a light that surposed to come on green if okey this does not happen. Have checked the fuses,okey, checked the new battery. with battery gauge is excellent.
    The leeds that i have connected are 1 red to red turminal. 2 black 1 white to black terminal is this wiring correct , could it be something else please advise thanks Bob

    1. Hey there Bob,

      firstly, thanks for your question.

      mmmm. you mentioned you have connected 2 black and 1 white to the negative terminal on the battery. Usually- in a caravan – black is actually positive at that point. So it may be that the 2 black wires need to go to the positive side.
      ######## However-Do not connect these just yet. #########
      What year and make and model is your van?
      If polarity is mixed up and you have a transformer in the van it can be fatal for the transformer. You mention a green light? I am not familiar with this- It sounds like you may have a battery box that has a button you can press for testing? or do you have a control panel with a series of led indicators in the cupboard somewhere that also has tank level on it as well?
      Sorry for the questions back Bob.
      Let me know in regards to these few questions and we’ll see if we can find a solution.

      Talk to you soon.

      1. Hi Tim, thank you for your quick responce. We have a Jayco Heritage PopTop 2007.
        We have a tranformer that is the green light that comes on when battery power is engaged.
        The light that i mentioned is outside the battery unit, the battery fits in a box under the seat it hooks up to a transformer i think? sorry about my lack of knowledge.There is no no tester of the battery that i can see,
        Regards Bob

  5. Hello Bob,

    I will look into this today and get back to you. I need to go and have a look at one myself so I’m on the same page.

    talk to you soon.

    1. Hello again Bob,

      I just realised I looked at a van but didn’t reply.
      I have come to the conclusion that I think someone would need to have a look at your van before further comments or advice is made.
      Sorry I have no simple solution for you.


      1. Gday Tim,
        I have the same problem as Bob.
        I have borrowed my son’s Jayco Swan Expander, the 12v only works when the van is connected to 240v. The electrical panel has the two switches for battery and water pump, plus a hot water heater switch and the larger, black, panel with fuses etc. Below the fuse panel is a small red light, I believe this light should be green when all is ok.
        All fuses appear to be ok and battery condition is good. There are no other lights, indicators etc.

        Any help would be appreciated,

        1. Hey there Norm,
          thanks for your question.

          the light under the fuse panel should not be on at all. This only has one colour- RED.
          If the red light is on, this means there is something wrong- usually a blown fuse can cause this light to come on.

          You need to make sure the battery switch is ‘ON’. if the battery switch is not on, then you won’t get any power.

          There are a number of reasons you won’t be getting power from the battery to run the lights.
          the reasons that you can check before it needs to be looked at in a workshop are as follows

          1 The fuses are all ok
          2 The terminals are connected to the battery
          3 The battery has enough charge in it to power the lights
          4 The battery switch is in the ‘on’ position.
          5 The roof power plug is connected to feed power to your lights in the roof.

          I think I have covered all of them. If you have checked all of these and you still don’t have power, it would be a good idea to have this checked by a workshop.

          I say all these things with the assumption that the cables etc are all connected in their original location as fitted by the factory.

          I hope this information is somewhat helpful.

          Kind regards
          Tim Krieg

          1. On the Swan there is also an external switch you can see if you look up under the roofline (between the canvas and the roof) that if faulty can cause the lights to be in-operative.
            Its roughly where your roof power plug cable goes up into the roof (near the sink) look up from the outside.

  6. Hey Tim i own a converted bus to a motor home and wondering what i would have to get to convert 240v to 12v what wattage i would need?? just so when im hooked up to 240v the whole bus will run off electricity rather then the batterys… Cheers.

    1. Hello Matthew,

      thanks for your email.
      I have replied to this post a couple of times now but it doesn’t seem to be uploading so I hope this one goes through.

      we specialise in all brands of caravans and motorhomes specifically Jayco products.

      You really can open a can of worms with power systems on converted busses etc depending on who did the fitout.

      with this in mind I wont give you a definitive answer but rather some guidance.

      I would list all the appliances in the van both 12 volt and 240 volt and list all the wattages of each including lights. I would then seek the advice of a 12 volt expert and they will match a good transformer and/or inverter.

      See how you go with that.

  7. I’ve decided to install a car stereo in my 2005 Jayco Eagle. It will be positioned above the Setec ST20 converter. Can I wire to the converter so it will work if I’m on a powered site or in the bush on battery power ?
    if so, the new stereo has three wires …. instructions are – red, connect to 12v terminal controlled by ignition switch ….. yellow, connect to constant 12v supply terminal ….. black, (chassis ground) free paint metal location.
    I am a pretty good handyman but I need some help with what goes where in the Jayco. If the black needs to be earthed to the van somewhere, where is a good spot ?


    1. Hello Mark,
      thanks for the question.

      As you can understand, I have to be careful how I respond to power questions as customers that aren’t sure what they are doing can potentially harm themselves and can hold me liable.

      I always recommend a caravan repairer or auto electrician to undertake any wiring.

      If I were to install this I would look for a spare set of terminals on the transformer. you may find that there is a couple or just one spare as you don’t have a shower and toilet etc. I could then connect to this. the earth could be attached to the chassis by drilling through the floor or following an existing wiring loom. scratch away some paint and drill a screw into the chassis. If there is no spare, I may be able to connect inline with an unused 12 volt socket or one that has minimal use.
      I would connect the Yellow and the red together. a bit of a pain as you will loose your settings each time you unplug your van but because we store vans for long periods of time, that small amount of power draw may be enough to drain the battery over time.
      If you aren’t bothered by that, I would connect the red wire via a fuse holder to the battery directly and the yellow to the transformer.
      that’s a basic understanding of what I would do to install it. Alternatively I could run everything off the battery as it is then charged when you are plugged in anyway.

      a few things to think about.


  8. Hi Tim,
    I recently purchased a 2012 Jayco Sterling from ACC Adelaide. I have a portable solar kit that I want to connect up to charge the battery when I am free camping. The van has a 12 pin connector. My idea was to purchase a 12 pin plug and wire it to match the 12v wiring on the van. The other end of a short piece of 6mm wiring would have an Anderson Plug connection for the cable coming off the solar panel regulator on the back of the solar panels.
    My question is, does the battery in the van get charged through the 12 pin connector pins 8 and 10 or does that go directly to the fridge? The reason I ask is that when I connected the solar panel to the van connector ,there was no indication at the battery (increase in voltage) that the battery was charging.
    Would the solar panels work connected this way? or have I wired the 12 pin connector incorrectly.


    1. Hey there Albert,

      thanks for your question.

      Your theory sounds good however there is so many joins and so much length in these cables, I would actually run some nice heavy wires to a plug on the side of the van to plug into.

      usually on these 12 pin plugs, you will find that pin 2 is wired to the battery and the pins 9 and 10 will keep the fridge running. You will probably find that the wire in that pin 2 is not adequate in size to really, truly put some decent Amps through from the solar. That’s why I would recommend a separate short, straight run to the battery from a nice flush mounted plug on the side of the van.

      I hope this information is helpful.


  9. Hi Tim,

    I have a 2000 Jayco Swan, it has the inverter under the seat that runs the lights etc, but no battery or leads etc. I would like to install a battery system with anderson plug etc. Do I need to put in another type of inverter? or is it just some wiring?

    Appreciate your help

    thanks Mark

    1. Hello Mark,

      Thanks for your question.

      I always say with this sort of thing. It should be done by a professional.

      these Transformers are designed to take a battery and they will also act as a charger once a battery is connected so simple answer to one part of your question is no you don’t need a different converter, this one will do exactly what you need.

      The transformer will have a positive and negative terminal on the back of it which will accommodate a positive and negative cable ran through a switch and then an inline fuse holder to the battery.

      It can be run without a switch but it’s always good to be able to isolate the battery via a switch so you can turn the battery on and off when using/charging or storing the van.

      If you put a battery in the van, always make sure it is a fully sealed battery. We prefer an AGM battery and about 100 AMPS will give you a good amount of power for a few days of normal lighting and 12 volt tv etc.

      I hope this information is helpful. Our workshop would be happy to install a system like this for you. Feel free to call and make a booking.

      Kind regards
      Tim Krieg

  10. 2013 jayco dove, having difficulty understanding the battery, i believe it powers the lights and stereo, is it also meant to, when fully charged, be able to give power to the outlets? we are hoping to go bush and rely on solar panels to charge the batterie, in the future.
    unfortunately we’ve only had 1 opportunity to go away so far, but having plugged the power lead in we turned the fridge on, used kettle no worries but the lights would not go on until hours later, ( we have now learned that the van needs to be charged days ahead of travelling) the stereo worked but we can’t turn that off, have to remove the face plate, otherwise we have disco lights on all night. we have tried using a power outlet with only batterie, but they don’t work?!! can we use the lights without the batterie??

    1. Hey there Carmen,

      thanks for your questions.

      I’m a little confused but I will answer how I have interpreted your questions.

      The battery will power 12 Volt appliances only. It will not power 240Volt outlets.

      the fridge is not connected to the internal battery at all but needs to be used on gas when 240 volt power is not available.

      there are 2 ways to turn off the ‘Disco’ lights on the radio.
      the easy way and the hard way. The easy way is to remove the face. the hard way is going through your settings to turn off the demo mode.
      Depending on the stereo model (there were a few that year) it may be very simple.
      press and hold the source button which turns the radio off. then you will see a small button to the right of the large volume knob that will read ‘display off’ once the radio is in the off position, simply press quickly, once only, the ‘display off’ button and it should turn the disco lights off. If not, you are better off removing the face.

      The battery will always charge via the solar panels.(if it’s in the sun) If you want to charge the batteries via 240 volt before you go on holidays, make sure the battery switch is in the ‘on’ position.

      I can’t explain the lights only coming on hours later, but if the fuses are all good and the battery is well charged, then it should function quite normally.
      If the van is plugged in to 240 volt, you certainly should have lighting. If the battery is in use, you should have lighting.
      Failing that, give me a call on (08) 82931000 and we can talk about it.

      I hope some of this info is helpful.

      Kind regards
      Tim Krieg

  11. Hi Tim,
    I have a Jayco Flamingo and I am wondering if I could use the two roof lights, which have plugs in them to power two additional lights for the bed ends, to power other 12 volt devices (eg, a USB charger, phone charger, 12v radio and LED rope light.)
    I understand that I would need to rewire the plug on whatever 12 volt device I wanted to connect to fit the light plug, but would it actually power other devices?

    1. Hey there Simon,

      I have have heard of people doing that before.
      I wouldn’t recommend it but can’t see it being an issue as long as you take into consideration how much power you are drawing.
      A normal globe pulls a very small amount of power and that is what the plug is designed for.
      I would say no problems to the led strip but I would prefer not to comment on USB charging as im not sure of their power consumption.
      I hope this helps

      Happy caravanning
      Tim krieg

  12. Hi Tim,

    We have just purchased a 2014 Jayco Swan on road model and I was chasing some “how to” items re wiring on the net and came across your site. I found it very informative as some other sites, no names no pack drill, were very confusing with two conflicting points of view, mostly from laymen not electricians, about how to wire into the Swan system.

    The Swan came with a cabled in battery box but no battery which suited fine as I just swapped the 120 AH AGM out of the 1988 Cub Drifter. The info I was after was cabling from the Anderson plug at the back of the tow second battery to the battery in the Swan. On info gleaned from your site I went direct from tow’s Anderson plug to the battery via a 50 amp circuit breaker. The other end also has a 50 amp breaker at the second battery.

    I have heard the Setec in the Swan is not the best charger and I had a smart charger in the Drifter so rather then lifting seat cushions, lids etc I now use the alligator clips on that charger straight into the Anderson plug to maintain the battery during down times. The battery switch is in the off position at all times except when free camping on 12 volt.

    Can you see any problems I may have overlooked?

    Thank you again for a most informative page.

    Pat Cummins

    1. Hey there Pat

      Thanks for your question and congratulations on the purchase of your new camper.

      I can’t see an issue with what you are doing. I would just ensure you keep that battery switch off so that there is no power feeding back into the setec.

      Sounds like that’s the assumption you made anyway.

      Happy caravanning.
      Tim Krieg

  13. Hi
    We just upgrades from a stagecraft 1992 with the older wiring that ran fridge and the roof interior lights when connected the tow vehicle.

    We now have a 2005 Freedom poptop with the 12v system no battery. I notice that the interior roof lights don’t operate when not connected to 240 and when connected the tow vehicle.

    Can you advise is this normal. Thanks

    1. hey there Kym,

      thanks for your question.

      Sounds like there is no power coming into Pin 2 from the car.

      This is a fairly standard wiring diagram for a 7 pin plug and I would’ve assumed this would be the case already, however may have not been the case with your old van.

      I would drop past a towbar shop and ask them to check your plug for 12 volt power and ask them which pin (if any) has a constant 12 volt feed going to it.

      Alternatively if you have a multimeter or a testlight, check it your self. pin 3 should be earth and pin 2- 12 volt.
      Unless the Freedom has been changed from standard or a fuse has blown on the black transformer box inside the van, you should have lights no problems.

      See how you go. I hope this information helps.

      Kind regards
      Tim Krieg

  14. Hi

    I have just bought a 2012 jayco swan and have a question with regards to charging the battery. The swan has a solar panel already and I am wanting to add an Anderson plug from second battery in my car to run the fridge while driving and run it while stationery until setup. I have a new prado and the factory plug does not run the fridge at this stage. As disscussed in this thread this sounds,like a wiring issue in the car which is a Toyota issue. Can you please tell me how much the fridge draws in amps/h?

    My issue is I also want to add a ctec dc to dc 20 amp charger to the van as the build in one is only a trickle charge, if you could tell me how many amps it trickle charges at this would be great?. This should be connected to the ignition power via a different Anderson I believe so that is doesn’t drain the second battery when parked? By adding this it will increase the voltage as the van battery is so far away from the alternator to get a full charge on the battery too if this is correct? This charger can take the voltage from for the solar and the car when driving together or seperately when camped via the solar. Will this damage the battery when plugged into 240 volt as the transformer will be charging as well as the solar?

    Also I have to say it would be good if the fridge had a light to say it had power when on 240 or 12 volt. I will ad this but don’t understand why this is not a standard feature as the fridge is so quiet you can’t tell if it is working.

    Hope you can help?


  15. Also it seems that I’m most wiring diagrams that pin 2 is the reversing wire not auxiliary? This may be why the wiring on the prado does not work?


    1. Hello Shaun,

      thanks for your questions.

      Firstly to address the wiring diagram. Pin 2 off a Narva packet will always read reverse. I only know of about 2 brands of caravan out of the 130 odd brands that are manufactured in Aus that have reversing lights, all other brands carry 12 volt through this pin.

      These 3 way fridges are very thirsty on 12 volt and can chew up to about 15 Amps.

      I have taken the below information out of the setec supplied information:

      The power supply provides full battery management as per the following.
      The power supply is a four stage battery charger with Boost (VBoost = 14.05V), Float (VFloat = 13.65V), Store (VStore = 13.25V) and Trickle charge modes to ensure long battery life.

      Charging current is limited to a maximum of 10A (ST20-II) and 15A (ST35-II). This provides optimum life for batteries.

      To charge at the maximum battery current above, ensure the load current plus battery current is equal or less than the maximum output current. The charging current will be reduced in situations were the difference between the rated output current and the load current (the available charging current), is less than the maximum charging current.

      The battery will be charging at 0.8A when the battery voltage is below the Low voltage disconnect 10.5V for the first power up, 11.5V and 11.7V for subsequent reconnections with and without mains respectively the LVD will connect the battery and allow float charging at 10A/15A (ST20/ST35). The trickle charge feature is provided to allow very flat batteries to be charges at a rate , which will extend their life.

      Your power supply will be the ST20-II.

      It would make sense as you said that it is connected via ignition to the second battery so that when you stop for a picnic it isn’t going to drain your stater batt.

      I hope this information is useful.

      Happy caravanning
      Tim Krieg

  16. Tim. I have a Jayco Flamingo ST. It is fitted with with a battery pack and also a Sola panel.
    I have only become aware that whilst in storage and connected to 240volt with the isolator switch in the ON position the battery is not charging. If I turn the isolating switch to the OFF position the battery resumes charging. To me this appears wrong. In checking with a multimetre the isolating switch only produces power to the battery from the Setec when in the OFF position.If I remove 240volts from the system the isolator switch must be turned to the OFF position to produce lighting off the battery. I thought isolating to ON position for 240V. which would charge battery. Isolating switch to OFF position for 12volt operation. Can you please clarify or is there something amiss. This is how it came from the factory. Regards Gary

    1. hey there Gary,

      thanks for your question.

      It’s very handy that you have a multimeter and are able to check these things yourself.
      It sounds to me like the switch was fitted upside down. It seems by what you are saying that it is actually functioning normally just the opposite way around.

      As these vans are built by humans, these things can happen. I would say that it’s as simple as turning the switch up the otherway or just taking note that on is actually up, not how it should be and that’s down.

      I hope this information helps.

      Happy caravanning.
      Tim Krieg

      1. Thanks Tim.
        Switch Now Reversed.
        Isolating Switch wired: From Setec: Battery +VE to Common
        Battery -VE to Negative on Battery.
        Switch post No. 1. to Positive on Battery.
        NOW: With 240Volt OFF.
        Switch in OFF position.
        Battery = 13.3Volts.
        Switch: Common and No. 1. =13.3volts.
        To power lights off of 12volts when 240 turned off the Switch needs to be in the ON position.
        With switch in the ON position. Battery = 12.72 and Switch Common and No1. = 0volts.

        With 240Volts turned ON;
        Switch in Off position. Battery = 12.91volts. Common and N01. = .73volts.
        Switch in On position. Battery = 13.53volts. Common and No1. = .01volts.

        If you can get your head around this can you confirm if this is correct. It appears that the isolating switch needs to be left in the ON position irrespective if you are using 240volt or battery and its only purpose is to isolate the battery from the Setec and not for changing from 240V to 12V.which I misinterpreted. Regards Gary

        1. Ha Ha Hey there Gary,

          You have overloaded my head today with information. (late night)

          Essentially all that switch does is isolate the battery. turn it on and it will allow the battery to charge from the car and 240 Volt. Turn it off and the battery wont charge or give power to the lights.

          I use the theory- if you are using the van leave it on. if you are storing the van, leave it off- unless you want to charge it.

          I hope this makes sense.


          1. Tim,

            I know this is an old message but I am trawling through your responses to find my answer.
            You say that, “Essentially all that switch does is isolate the battery. turn it on and it will allow the battery to charge from the car and 240 Volt ‘. Does the standard Jayco wiring charge the van battery from the car battery whilst travelling. I was of the belief that only the fridge was powered from the car battery when travelling (and in 12volt mode).

          2. Hi Martin,
            It will get a very minor charge whilst travelling, but not enough to sustain the battery for long use. To charge the battery you could have an Anderson plug fitted direct to the battery and the same on your car, this will then charge from your alternator on your vehicle whilst travelling.

            thank you for your enquiry

            Jackie Hoehne

  17. i have to ask a question and this may sound very silly but i would rather ask and be sure that i am not doing anything wrong, I have a jayco swan outback campervan purchased last year and would like to know how i can charge the battery with out having the fridge come on?
    is it just a matter of flicking the switch over to the gas icon, will this stop the fridge from coming on while plugged in.
    thanks in advance.

  18. Hey there Laura,

    thanks for your question.

    You have the right idea. You just need to turn on the battery switch. This will allow the battery to become part of the system and then simply change the fridge selector knob over to the off position. If your fridge has no off position you can either turn it to the gas position or un plug it from the power point inside the cupboard where it is plugged in.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    happy caravanning
    Tim Krieg

    1. Hi there. Please help. I am in my 2008 jayco sterling and the red light has come on at the front of the transformer. The fuses appear to be OK. The battery connection seem OK. I am using a 120watt solar panel and a backup generator for power. The red light goes off for a few minutes, then comes back on. What is the problem? The battery is only 1 year old.

      1. Hello there John,

        What is your solar regulator reading? could be battery voltage.

        When the light comes on, is it while the van is plugged into the generator?

        Is that generator a pure sine wave generator?

        talk to you soon
        Tim Krieg

  19. Hi Tim,

    We are going to take delivery of our new Swan Outback in August. It will be fitted with the 120W solar, 100a/h battery and Coast to Coast monitoring system.
    I have a new deep cycle battery never used, is it ok to wire my new deep cycle in parallel with the factory 100a/h battery?
    I also have a 160W external folding solar panel, can i connect this to the batteries which would be in addition to the factory 120W unit.


    1. Hello there Matt,

      congrats on the new camper!!!!!

      With a surname like that, you shouldn’t need to be asking questions about 12 volt power?
      that was sort of a joke……….sorry.

      it is certainly ok to wire the second battery in parallel + to + and – to -. However just be aware, that charger caters for one battery only. They will charge 2 veeerrrrryyyy slooowlly.
      Certainly not an effective charger for 2 batteries.

      The external folding solar you have is great, however it would probably trick the regulators both in the van and on the portable setup into thinking it doesn’t need to feed the batteries anymore. The battery voltage will be up as the solar will be feeding from one and the other will think “oh well, no need to feed power as the battery is full”.

      Now my theory is not proven but it sounds logical to me. As this is a solar regulators job – feed the battery when it is hungry.

      I would say you would need to disconnect the battery you want to charge from the external setup.

      The 120 Watt setup however will give the batteries a good amount of power and I can’t see it being necessary for anymore power (of course depending on what you are running)

      I hope this information helps.

      Happy camping

      Tim Krieg

      1. Sorry- one more thing I should add.
        If you want to add a second battery- make sure it matches exactly the first battery.
        I have been told this by an auto electrician. I know he meant match it exactly in AMPS however not sure if he also meant in battery type also eg lead acid, AGM, Gel.
        Tim Krieg

      2. Solar setup would work as follows;
        purchase a solar regulator 30 to 40amp [Ebay from about $35]
        Make a Anderson plug connection for your external solar panel, wired to regulator.
        I think Supercheap auto has them already made up.
        Wire connector and fitted van solar panel to terminal marked solar input.
        mount plug to outside of van close to battery storage area.
        Wire from terminal marked battery to battery. (I wire mine one lead to first battery say positive other lead to second battery negative, then wire both batteries + to + and – to -) This allows for even charge.
        Use heavy cable as this helps contain voltage drop.
        Never had a flat battery since
        Hope this helps

  20. Hi Tim
    I have been reading the colum and think it is great.
    I am just about to purchase a jayco starcraft poptop outback.My dealer gave me the 12 pin plug to wire up, I am just not 100% sure on pin no 2 if it needs to be wired through a solinoid so when the ute is turned of there is no power or dose i just need constant power 6mm,8mm or bigger.
    Pin no 9 fridge positive sould it be run trough a solinoid so it has no power when switched of also 6mm,8mm,10mmor bigger wireing.

    Cheers Craig

    1. Hey there Craig,

      Thanks for the feedback and questions.

      For starters it would be good to know if you have the new ALKO ESC system on your starcraft, if so, it is vitally important that you have constant 12 volt running to that pin number 2.
      It is really up to you if you want to put a solenoid in. I definitely wouldn’t put a solenoid through to pin 2 but if you want the fridge wires to isolated when you turn the vehicle off then a relay can be a good idea. I assume you are referring to a relay to turn off the 12 volt to the fridge when you turn off the car?
      We generally run a switch here to the fridge wires, that way for really short stops it isn’t going to keep turning the fridge on and off, you would only switch it off for a longer stop of about 20 mins plus.

      The pins 9 and 10 which your fridge runs off I would recommend 10mm2 or 8AWG as the minimum requirement for fridge wiring. I got this information off a memo that Jayco sent out a month or so ago. I would use 6mm to pin 2.

      I hope this answers your questions. Don’t be afraid to ask your dealer either, they SHOULD be able to answer these sort of questions too. Happy to help though not a problem at all.

      Happy caravanning
      Tim Krieg

  21. Hi Tim,
    We have just ordered a new Silverline to replace our 2007 J Series which has been a great van. On the J Series I replaced the 7 pin plug with a 12 pin, as after a long trip, the pin running the fridge in the 7-pin, melted and shorted the pin running the brakes and locked them on! Thank goodness we were traveling slowly at the time…
    So I now have a 12 pin and Anderson plug on the tug. The Anderson is switched to ignition power and runs a doc/doc charger in the van to charge the battery. My question is, how will my new Silverline be wired from factory? What changes will I need to the tug wiring to match the new van system?

    1. hey there Rick,

      Congrats on the purchase. The new silverlines are awesome vans.

      You are halfway there.

      you need to have the following on your car to run your new silverline.

      12 pin plug with pins 9 and 10 wired to power the fridge and a constand feed to pin 2 for the ALKO ESC.


      You could ask the sales person to add an Anderson plug to the equation if you like and run battery or fridge wires in that.

      I hope this information helps.


  22. Hi Tim, We have a Jayco swan with two roof top solar panels for bush camping (two batteries). These run the lights and water pump. We are thinking of buying a power inverter to charge the laptop, Phone and maybe run a TV. The power inverter we looked at from Autopro, was 600, 800W or 1000W – moderfied sine wave. The bloke at Autopro said we may needed to think about pure sine. What are your thoughts.
    Regards Maurie

  23. Hey there Maurice,

    thanks for the question.

    I would definitely go Pure sine wave for charging computers etc.
    they are more expensive, but sensitive equipment like computers I wouldn’t mess with.

    I haven’t had allot of experience with inverters but this is my opinion being in this industry and hearing things from travellers with inverters etc.

    happy travelling.
    Tim Krieg

  24. Tim I have a runout Jayco Discovery and was wondering whether Jayco publish wiring schematics for their vans. I am looking to instal a Fantastic automated vent on the roof but before I cut I want to make sure that there is no wiring that may be interfered with.

    1. Hello Dave,

      Thanks for your question.

      Unfortunately Jayco will not provide anyone with wiring diagrams.
      Our workshop here doesn’t have access to it either. Part of the day to day woes of a caravan repairer unfortunately.

      I would suggest cutting through just the layer of ply on the underside of the ceiling very carefully and then digging your way carefully through the insulation till you reach the roof.
      No easy way.
      Good luck

      Tim Krieg

  25. Hi we have a 2010 Expanda with a battery and solar panels installed. We don’t seem to be getting any charge into our battery, or maybe minimal, off the panels or when plugged into 240v. What might be the problem? We are permanently living in van and have isolating switch on.
    Thanks Lyndon

    1. Hey there Lyndon,

      Good question.
      Perhaps the regulator is faulty?

      Does the regulator read the charge the batteries are getting fed? usually it’s a function on the regulator. Just see what that is reading.

      Sometimes if the batteries drop below a certain voltage, the transformer won’t charge from 240 Volt (under 11 Volts I think). This doesn’t explain the solar though.

      I would firstly check the regulator and then check fuses on the transformer and fuses on the inline holders at the batteries themselves.

      Let me know how you go.

      Tim Krieg

  26. I have a 2004 jayco freedom and would like some imfo i am trying to get my electric water pump going is there a switch in the van and where would it be found.

    1. hey there Noel,

      thanks for your question.

      there certainly will be a switch in there somewhere. I couldn’t begin to tell you where it could be. that depends on the model but they also change locations often.

      I can tell you however it will look like a light switch. a fairly typical Clipsal style switch.

      sorry I can’t be more helpful.

      Tim Krieg

  27. I have a VW crafter (Jayco camper body) I recently changed the heater anode and when checking that the water will heat after changing it it keeps tripping power and I no longer have 12v power in the van either. I checked the fuses all look okay, reset circuit breaker with same issue. I did put water in the heater by the water pump but may not have been enough. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    1. hey there Ian,

      thanks for your question.

      Now I’m not saying this is what is wrong with your heater but the times I have heard of this before is when the heater element is faulty. This can happen if the heater is started with no water in it and this is most commonly done after the anode is changed and the heater tank is empty. It may be that it hadn’t filled yet before it was turned on.

      I have also seen this when there is water in places it shouldn’t be, it’s a long shot but you might find after a couple days of drying out, it will be ok. there is a module there near the heater which can cause hasstles if it gets wet but that is not as likely as the element.

      I would suspect that the heater element needs replacing. These can be purchased for around the $70 mark I believe.

      Once again, this is not a guarantee. It would pay to get it checked by a workshop I think.

      Tim Krieg

  28. Hi Tim,
    I’d like to install an LED strip and an external 12v outlet on the side of our 2013 16.49 Expanda. I’m quite good with the tools just after some advice / suggestions on the best method.

    1. Hello Frank,

      thanks for your question.

      I have to be very careful giving advice on after market fitting as I don’t know the skill level or parts being used.

      I would prefer not to comment on this one Frank. I am sorry but if something happens, I can be made liable. Unfortunately the way the world is these days we have to be careful.

      Tim Krieg

  29. Firstly Tim, let me thankyou for your responses here, and in particular as I am all the way over in queensland, and I don’t think the dealer here has such a facility as you have in regards to this feedback. So congratulations, and as we do the big lap we will be sure to drop in and support your business there. I have one more often asked question. Will a Honda EU2000 2 KVA Generator run the standard (not the Ibis upgrade) Air con in the 21-65-3 Silverline?

    1. Hello Rick,

      I appreciate your positive feedback. I actually enjoy answering these questions on here, it helps to break up my normal day.

      A very good question you ask Rick and one we have talked about at great length here in our dealership.

      Honda will tell you yes it will. However in some cases it won’t.
      Put it this way. I have now come to the conclusion that I am not 100% confident to sell a Honda eu2 and guarantee it will do this job.
      Hey, in allot of cases it won’t be a problem, but I went out myself and personally checked 15 vans and it worked on only a few of them with a mix of different A/Cs.
      this was in warm weather mind you.

      We have now opted to sell the Yamaha range. Honda are a great Gennie, don’t get me wrong. There has never been any question at the quality of a Honda and their warranty etc. We are selling Yamaha’s at the moment though as they have a good range from small to large. they do a 2.4kva which has proven it’s self to me and it’s still reasonably portable.


      I believe that most of the A/Cs will recommend a capacity of 2.5kva. I’m a little bit scared now to recommend anything smaller than the suggestion.

      thanks again for your feedback- feel free to fire the questions. the more you ask, the more I also learn.

      Kind regards
      Tim Krieg

  30. HI Tim
    we have a 2010 Jayco Swan that was factory pre wired for solar.
    Could you tell me if it is likely that the roof top wires are terminated in the Aux + and – of the Setec. I will need to bring the roof top wires throughout the solar regulator before going back to the Aux in on the Setec, so I want to make sure these are the roof top wires.
    This is as it appears to me but I just want to be sure as it seems unusual they weren’t just left unattached in under the seat.

    1. Hello Glenn,

      thank for your question.

      mmmm. It is unlikely that they would be connected anywhere. Usually solar provision just means that the wires are run in the roof to a junction box on the roof and then down the tent section and left loose near the battery box.

      If you have a battery in the van, these wires would be connected in the setec Aux + and -.
      If there is no battery in the van then there should be nothing connected to the Aux terminals on the setec.

      So to answer your question. I agree with you. It does seem unusual that they weren’t just left loose under the seat.
      My guess is (and it’s only a guess) that it was connected to Aux in error. (if you don’t have a battery)

      Let me know how you go and what you find.

      Tim Krieg

  31. Hi there,
    I have a 2008 Jayco triple bunk expanda. I recently took the van over some bumpy tracks and now half the lights in the van won’t work on 12V or 240V. Do you have any suggestions on what steps I can take to fix this problem?

    1. Hello there Michael,

      Thanks for the question.

      I would be fairly confident the issue would be either a fuse has come loose, or one of the blade connections at the back of the setec transformer has come loose.

      Also check the power point the transformer is plugged into. They can sometimes fall out of the power point- this wouldn’t explain 12 volt, but could cause 240volt not to work.

      See how you go with that.

      Kind regards
      Tim Krieg

  32. I have a expand after trading a Swan. The only frustrating thing is if I stop for a couple of hours I have to disconnect the power from the car as I have been told it will flatten my start battery. I am installing a duel battery system (80 AmpH deep cell with Redarc 1225lv isolator/charger) in my Prado KD150 and hoping I should be able to avoid unhooking and switching off the fridge for a few hours without a problem. The fridge is a Dometic 2553. I am unsure how much power it will draw whilst the car is not running Can you please help and advise how long I will be able to stop and leave the fridge running.

    Thank you


  33. Hey there Ray

    Thanks for your question.

    The setup is no different than your swan. The fridge will continue running while the car is off sucking power from the battery unless u switch it off or unplug.

    There are a few ways to combat this. The redarc isolator you refer to is a great start. If the power is being drawn from your second battery then you should never have an issue not starting.

    A switch is another way, turn it off when u stop. Or a relay that cuts power when you turn off the car.

    These fridges can pull about 15amps per hour so you do have to be careful.

    I like the switch personally but it just means I have to remember to turn it off. I don’t like to stop for any period of time with the fridge sucking from the battery, I feel like my battery just gets more and more sluggish all the time.

    Better off isolating completely if stopped. That’s my opinion.

    Tim krieg

  34. Hi Tim

    Hope you can offer some advice with this problem

    We have a 2012 sterling outback and the 240volt outlets on the van have no power. I checked the 15 amp power cable and it is supplying power to the van,
    The internal and external lights on the van are working as usual.

    Thank you


    1. Hello Murray,

      thanks for your question.

      I will start with the simplest thing on this issue because I have this issue before.

      Jayco use a very simple and easy to install ‘plug and play’ system. This system also makes it very easy to trouble shoot.

      I am thinking what the issue will be is that the plug behind the power outlet has simply come unplugged. I can’t tell you how to fix it as I worry about customers removing power points and not refitting them correctly.

      If we were to do the job however, we would firstly remove the 240 Volt extension lead from the van so that no power is running into the van. unscrew the 4 screws that hold the power outlet on and pull it out enough to find the plug on the back. I would suspect this would’ve just come unplugged. Alternatively, inside the van behind the outlet we could remove a cover that once taken off would hopefully reveal the connection behind.
      As I said, this is how we would start.

      I always recommend that this is done by a professional.

      I hope this information is helpful.

      happy caravanning
      Tim Krieg

  35. Hello
    I have a 2012 Jayco Discovery and on a recent trip, the second night without power the 12v lights failed. On checking the battery voltage, both batteries were 6-7 V. When we connected to 240V power the 12V lights still did not work. Should the lights have been working?
    Also, even after 48 hours the batteries did not recharge. It appears that the batteries need to be replaced of the battery charger is faulty. Are you able to advise?

    1. Hello John,

      thanks for your question.

      A battery that is reading 6-7 Volts would likely be rendered ‘dead’. some really good chargers could possibly bring them back to life but more than likely unfortunately not.

      Allot of van owners are still confused with the battery isolation switch. Allot of customers theory and intention behind the way they use it seems logical but it is not correct.

      The theory that seems to be common is that “lets leave the battery switch off until we want to use it free camping, then the battery hasn’t had anything to drain it”. — Unfortunately in doing this, the battery has also never been charged and likely a minute amount of power draw has managed to draw every bit of life out of the battery while it sits in the shed or those odd occasions when you want to access the van and turn the lights on and/or accidently leave them on drain it even further.

      when you have had access to power have you had the battery switch on so it allows it to charge?
      Did you know that once the battery is below I think about 11 volts, that built in charger will not charge it anymore?
      It even sounds like the transformer might be unplugged and you may not have realised that even while plugged into 240 volt, you might have been using your battery hence the reason it has gone totally flat.

      This goes for everyone reading this- If you are using the van, leave the battery switch on.
      if you are not using the van turn it off. Once a month, plug into power and turn the switch on to charge the battery.

      I would start by checking the following.
      1 fuses- all fuses
      2 the plug that runs out the back of the transformer to the power point
      3 what position you have had the battery switch in.

      We don’t get many faulty transformers at all, so I’m not going to jump to conclusions there, but unfortunately I think you might need to replace that battery.

      I hope this information helps

      happy caravanning
      Tim Krieg

  36. Tim

    Thanks for your reply.
    Just for clarification, if you are connected to 240V but the batteries are flat, should the 12V lights in the van work?


  37. Hi,i am wanting to add an extra 120w solar panel to my dove camper which already has a 120w panel on the roof,can i wire this extra panel into the 30A controller together with the original panel,thanks Scott

    1. hey there Scott,

      I can’t see an issue with what you are proposing. As long as you don’t exceed that 30AMPS you should be ok.
      There are weight restrictions on these roofs, if you already have bag awning and flys and roof rack and 120Watt solar, then I wouldn’t add an additional, but if it’s just the solar and bag awning and flys that you have, then another panel should be ok for weight.
      Tim Krieg (Customer Relationship manager ACC)

      1. Gday Tim,thanks for the reply.I have a fiamma f45s,bed flys,roof rack and a 120w solar panel and i was planning on carrying a small tinnie(45kg) on the roof rack,am i going to exceed my limit with these things let alone another solar panel,thanks Scott

        1. hey there Scott.
          mmmmmmmm. firstly, sounds like an awesome setup.
          of course be sure to remove the tinny before winding up. this will most certainly exceed weight limits for winding up, ok for travel though.
          I have sent an email to one of my contacts at Jayco regarding weights on the roofand once I hear back from them with some accurate figures, I will let you know.
          talk to you soon.
          Tim Krieg

  38. I am looking at an import model of the 2009 Jayco Eagle Super Lite 318rls trailer.

    My question concerns mounting a battery monitor in the tug to monitor the breakaway battery condition (as required by NSW regs). I believe that the trailer has the Setec battery charging system in it and only the house battery connected to power the breakaway circuits. How can I pull an additional meter monitor into the tug (ie, where/what would I connect this second meter to)?



    1. I have done research on the issue of using the house battery as power for the breakaway and the NSW regulation for the monitor in the tug.

      I found this a metering system called BMPRO BatteryCheck. It is a bluetooth system that will work to a bluetooth enabled smart phone, tablet etc. I showed this to a gentleman in my area that is an engineer for trailers. After looking at the device, seeing what it monitors and shows, he stated that it would meet the requirements for the monitor of the breakaway battery. This would alleviate the necessity of wiring in either a new system, or trying to engineer something that would do the job, and with about a 25-50metre range, this is an answer to all the prayers i have seen in many forums about this NSW requirement.

      this is the link to BMPro’s website for the BatteryCheck system.

    2. Hello Mark,
      thank for your question.

      As imported Jaycos are not made by Jayco here in Australia- I wouldn’t recommend them.

      they are not built for Australian conditions and are not built to the quality of Australian van. (I know from past experience)

      Buy an Aussie built product not only to support Aussie manufacturers but to also buy a good quality product that will retain value in the future aswell.

      sorry Mark I have just had only bad experiences with American built caravans and especially campers. (no disrespect to americans)

      Tim Krieg

  39. This may sound really dumb but cn I run the fridge in my Eagle camper while I am towing? So far I haven’t ass I haven’t travelled very far away but now I am going further I’d like to be able to keep things in the fridge cold. I have a battery in the van. Will the fridge draw power from it or my car battery if I am able to leave the fridge running? Thanks for your help.

    1. hey there Lesley,

      thanks for your question.

      Yes, no problems at all to run your fridge on 12 volt while travelling. This will pull power from your car.
      Just remember, it will continue to pull power when you stop for a picnic (unless your car has a relay fitted to isolate power when ignition off)
      so be aware that you may need to turn off the fridge when you stop by pulling the plug.

      Definitely do not run the fridge on 240 Volt or gas though while the camper is folded down.

      I hope this information helps.
      Tim Krieg

  40. Hi Tim K,

    I have a Jayco Expanda 2010 model and would like to maintain the charge of the battery with a 20 Watt solar panel while it is in my driveway. Can I use the 12 Volt anderson plug on the side of the caravan near the door? There is no Solar setup on the caravan.

    You opinion is appreciated

    1. hey there Tim

      Thanks for your question.

      yeah, you can run your solar through an Anderson plug that is run directly to the battery.
      Allot of customers now have an Anderson plug fitted at the aframe that they can plug into the car to help charge the batteries while travelling and this then doubles as a place to plug in solar.

      I hope this answers your question.
      Tim Krieg

  41. Hi Tim, great column, so much information…
    My question, I have a 2013 Swan outback alpha pack which came with a factory fitted anderson plug. My theory was that the Anderson plug would connect directly to the batteries in the camper so that the car would also charge the camper while connected. Now after a bit of wire hunting I find out the Anderson plug is connected straight to the fridge with a red and white, and also a smaller black wire on the positive side of the Anderson plug that connects to the Setec. Now I was hoping to use my anderson plug of the camper to run some external 12v accessories but since it is connected to the fridge nothing worked. After testing the Anderson plug, it has positive on both the positive and negative terminals of the Anderson plug. Is this due to the way the fridge operates on 12v. I was thinking of running a new cable from drawbar to batteries so the car could charge my camper batteries, and then have the fridge off the batteries also, just unsure about the whole positive/positive circuit…
    Thanks heaps

    1. hey there Dave,

      thanks for your question.

      I did reply to this question the other day but I must’ve forgotten to approve my comments and they got stuck in the spam trap.

      Well I did mention I would make a phone call about this as I felt the positive/positive circuit you say you have sounded strange.

      It sounds to me (and Jayco) that this Anderson plug must’ve been fitted by a dealer or service agent. this is certainly not how Jayco fit the Anderson plugs. You may have to ask the question of your dealer as to how it is wired up and why it is wired up this way.

      If an Anderson plug is factory fitted, they will only wire directly to the fridge. Unless specifically told to wire to the battery. They tell me they will never wire to the setec from the Anderson plug.
      You mentioned you had an Alpha pack, I’m not familiar with this as it’s not a Jayco pack, but I believe this is put together by a WA dealer. Give em a call, they should be able to answer the wiring question for you. May have some specific purpose.

      Tim Krieg

  42. Interesting reading all the comments and answers so thanks for that. I just picked up my 2014 Outback Swan last Thursday and took it out over the weekend. Few questions I need to ask is when towing should the battery switch be on or off? and does the solar charge when having a lunch break, and if so, should the switch be on or off? Sorry if it’s a silly question.

    1. hey there Brett,

      thanks for your question.

      Congratulations. You have many years of travelling and memories ahead.

      If you have some time, have a bit of a read through earlier posts as I do cover this however I will give you simple answers now.

      Simple answer- leave your battery switch on when you leave your home for holidays and turn it off when you get home. Unless you want to charge the battery then you can turn it on. The solar will charge no matter what position the switch is in. This is controlled by the solar regulator.

      I hope this answers your question. there is always confusion with this switch. I cover it in a bit more detail back further but really it’s as simple as I have just explained.

      happy travelling in your new camper.
      Tim Krieg

      1. Thanks Tim, So if I leave the battery switch on and stop for lunch and I disconnect my car as to not draw from the car battery will it then drain the camper battery? if so should I sneak in and change it to gas to be on the safe side? I’m paranoid about draining the camper battery and wrecking it!

        1. Hello Brett,

          Your fridge in your camper is not connected what so ever to your camper battery.
          The only thing that will drain the car is the fridge.

          If you stop for a picnic, just unplug the lead from your car. Don’t worry too much about the fridge warming up being unplugged for a bit. They are like an esky, they will keep cold still for a while.

          Just to reiterate. Turn on your battery switch when you leave for holidays and turn it off ONLY once to arrive back home. If you are travelling for 6 months, you should leave that switch on for 6 months.

          I hope this clears it up.
          Tim Krieg

  43. HI,Tim.I have read all questions and is great hope it keeps going. I have a one question my self hope you can put me strait. I have just brought a AYCO Conquest 2010.The book come with tells me the Power Converter operate any type of12v including a
    Computer. There are about 3 sets of double power points I thought one of them would be for 12V.Where I could connect any 12V system. I can not find the converter mam be you can help. Thanks

    1. hey there Barrie,

      I appreciate your positive feedback. just what I need on a Friday to make this beautiful sunny day even better.
      I just wish I was out in a motorhome or caravan.

      definitely any 12 volt point in your conquest should have no worries running a computer. you just need to locate it. There will likely be only 1 or 2 x 12 volt points in your conquest.

      Likely there will be one near the tv area and one maybe near the seating area. they are like your cigarette light sockets that we are all familiar with.

      this is based on your conquest being fairly standard fitout. Can you tell me what the brand of the power converter is based on the book? yours may have something more fitted.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Tim Krieg

  44. Hi Tim,
    Great advice column, keep up the good work! I have a 2013 Swan and currently have a 120w portable solar set up which I plug into an Anderson plug on the side of the van. I have also put two additional batteries (150ah each) in the van in parallel (total of 400 ah) which gives us a good week or so of battery power. I have recently purchased another 160watts of solar panels and a Steca 30 amp controller which I was going to put both solar panels through. My question is that the Steca controller has three sets of terminals; solar in, battery and load as it also measures the output from your batteries (and I presume it has a built in shunt). I know where to connect the batteries and solar, but how would I connect the load which I presume is all the output to the lights and 12 outlets in the van? As the van has the Seatech 15 amp charger/inverter, I am not sue if I can connect all the outputs to the van into the new Steca controller? I don’t want to compromise the Seatec controller. Any clues?

    1. hey there Ric,

      thanks for your question.

      It’s a very good question Ric. I generally learn as I come across issues. Jayco’s never have that third set of load terminals connected so I am not sure where to connect that. I would say it would be somewhere in the back where the wires leave the setec but I couldn’t be certain.

      I’m sorry I can’t be too helpful with that one.

      Tim Krieg

  45. hi tim you certainly dispense great advice have a question just purchased a 2005 jayco motorhome has two15amp male outlets on driver side van a which I imagine is for connecting in caravan parks also has a 10amp female outlet on passenger side isthis for power out of van or power in from house supply regards michael

    1. hello there Michael,

      You are correct in saying that the drivers side male 15 amp inlets are for plugging into a caravan park.
      It is however unusual these days to have 2. I can’t imagine this to be a factory fitment. Years ago, I’m talking YEARS ago, when an after market A/C was fitted, the installer would sometimes fit an additional power inlet to run just the A/C. I always wondered why- I rekon it was just easier to run another power inlet straight to the A/C.
      I feel like this may be the case with your motorhome. seems very unusual.

      Tim Krieg

  46. Hi Tim, I have recently purchased a 2007 Jayco Stirling 21’6’’ caravan apparently it has been prewired for solar. My question is where would I find the inlet and the outlet to connect it up?
    Regards Terry

    1. hey there Terry,

      thanks for your question.

      If you grab a ladder and look on the roof you will see a junction box. sometimes it is hard to find but will be usually smack bang in the middle of the roof.
      this is where you can locate the wires to connect the panel up to. If there is no junction box on the roof, then there is no solar wiring.This was certainly an option back then costing the purchaser a little extra at the time.
      The other end that connects to the regulator will be either coming out next to the battery box or up in where the battery switch is. there is no real easy way to find this except look for it unfortunately. you may have to remove some timber panels in that area to locate it.

      I hope this information helps
      Tim Krieg

    2. Hello again Terry,
      another way to locate it if you can find the junction box on the roof, is to connect some 12 volt power to the wires in that junction box on the roof and then get from Jaycar electronics a handy tool for locating wires. It will beep when you wave the wand in the area of the exposed wires. We have one here and I think it was around $99.

      Tim Krieg

  47. Hi Tim, I have recently purchased a 2007 Jayco Stirling 21’6’’caravan and I would like to add an extra water tank , I am aware that you can order the vans with an extra tank however my question is in what bay underneath should I fit the tank as I do not want to create a stability problem if it is not fitted in the correct bay

    1. hey there Terry
      thanks for your question.

      you may find that the chassis is actually provisioned for a tank. what I mean by that is there may be a couple chassis members that are already spaced the correct width for a tank- if that is the case, fit the tank there.

      There is no real rule about where you fit the tank. I assume it already has 2, which would usually be one in front of the axles and one behind the axles. I would look at the space you have available as the first factor and then check your ball weight with scales. for a van that size you want some ball weight however you also dont want to exceed what your car can tow either.

      If it was me, if your ball weight was hovering around 140-150 ish, I would fit the tank in front of the axles, any lighter than that I rekon you could have stability problems.

      Please also consider that this will eat into your payload. you have about 400KG payload. if you have 2 90L water tanks full already, that is 180KG meaning you only have 220KG of payload left. take away about another 20KG for 2 full gas bottles that leaves you with 200kg left to play with. If you fit another tank and plumbing, thats another 10KG and then fill it with 90 L of water, then you only have 100KG to put in the van.

      have a think about how much weight you might want to load personal items in the van.

      I hope this helps.
      Tim Krieg

  48. When free camping does our portable solar panels (via Anderson plug) only charge the van battery or does it also run the fridge ( when the fridge is switched to 12V mode)?

    1. hey there Martin,

      thanks for your question.

      It does depend on who fitted your anderson plug. typically the anderson plug is only to charge batteries, however it may be wired to the fridge aswell if a dealer fitted the plug. OR only wired to the fridge. if you contact your dealer, they can check the order information via your chassis number and check where that is wired.

      these 3 way fridges pull allot of power on 12 volt and in most cases your portable panels won’t be up to it. I would run my fridge on gas when without power. Much, much more efficient on gas and you are guaranteed to keep the beers cold even if a cloud comes over.

      I hope this helps.
      Tim Krieg

  49. Hi Tim, I have just bought a 2011 Discovery and noticed a humming noise coming from the brakes when the brakes are applied, I have electric brakes fitted, also are the batteries normally stored under the bed and can I fit a battery meter indicator, Thanks!

    1. Hey there Anthony,

      Mate, all good with the humming noise. That is completely normal and means the electromagnet in the hubs is getting power from the controller.
      Yep no worries. Voltmeters are available in a few varieties.
      Allrv will have one made by coast to coast. Otherwise try jaycar.
      Tim krieg

  50. Hi Tim, I am wanting to fit solar panels to the roof of my 2007 Jayco Stirling caravan and was wondering how much wait I could put on the roof as I will need to stretch over towards the middle of the roof to Sikaflex the angles down. Thanks in advance and sorry for asking so many questions.

    1. Hey terry,
      U don’t really want to go and stand in the middle of the roof but they will take a bit of weight.
      I recommend a plank of sturdy timber that stretches from one side to another and a block at each end that sits on the very edges of the roof.
      Tim krieg

  51. Tim,

    I have recently purchased a 2014 Jayco Penguin Outback. Great unit and really enjoying it. I have wired my portable solar panels into a 12 pin plug which I plug into the 12 pin plug on the Penguin. I use pins 10 and 8 as per the Jayco owners manual. But I get no response from the regulator on the panels to show that it is charging.

    Have I got the pins wrong or should I by pass the internal wiring and go direct to the battery?


    1. Hey there Steve,
      Mmm it’s usually not pins 10 and 8 running to the battery.
      I actually think it’s 9 and 10 but they might go to the fridge I believe.
      I am replying late so I assume u would have an answer on this now.
      Tim krieg

      1. Tim,
        Thanks I followed the wires on the camper plug seems to have worked. Jayco say that the 2014 models are wired for solar, does this mean I just put the panels on the roof and hook into the existing wiring? Do I still use the regulator on the panels?


  52. Hi Tim, you really know your stuff, obviously been around campers for awhile! Have scanned ALL your replies to questions but nobody has the same problem that i’m having, so let me try and stump you! I’ve just taken possesion of a 2004 Hawk and have just been on our first trip away, on an unpowered site, and first night after a couple of hours of the lights being on the converter/transformer starts clicking on and off continuously, and the lights blink at same time. No problem as we’ve got torches so switch lights off and carry on. Next night same thing, but after a shorter time. Then middle of the night the converter just starts clicking away by itself so I had to switch the battery switch off. Battery was reading 13.8v and charged for a couple of days beforehand. All fuses are good, 7.5w on the 4 appliances and 20w on battery.
    Also, and previous to this trip, (but not sure if its related or not) the van was plugged into 240 v in driveway when kids came in saying they could feel tingling when touching door latch, which when i went outside could feel slight tingle off the step when in bare feet. Scary, as I then googled and read about a poor kid in the usa stepping onto step with wet feet and WHAMO, no longer here.
    Keep up your great answering. Cheers.

    1. Hey Dave we just had the same sort of problem on the weekend. After discovering loose wires in the roof lights plug from continuous plugging and unplugging, Using a meter I tracked another short in the micro switch at the top off this wire that is suppose to cut power when roof is closed.
      Hope that helps you. Michael.

  53. Hi there, great info in all these questions.
    My question is this: we have purchased a Jayco Sterling, 2010 model. It has a battery installed. We would like to free camp sometimes and wonder what we would need to go solar (apart from the panels themselves

    1. Hey there Julie.
      All u need is a panel and regulator which will then connect to the battery.
      That’s it.
      All rv have portable options which you can clip straight onto the battery with no installation required.
      I hope this info helps
      Tim krieg

  54. Hi Tim, nice easy one for you, we are doing our first unpowered camping site next easter and want to run the fridge off gas in our jayco eagle. Any idea roughly how long the gas bottle will last, it won’t be used for anything else and it’s the standard size that the camper came with ?
    Cheers, Lisa

    1. Hey there Lisa
      I like this question because I’m always proud to reveal that I have tried this and the answer always blows people’s minds.

      Over 2 weeks on the 9kg bottle.

      This was tested with a 184litre 2 door fridge and after 2 weeks the bottle still wasn’t empty.

      How’s that? Pretty cool aren’t they.
      Tim krieg

  55. Gday Guys,

    Just having issues with a 2008 Jayco Sterling getting the 240 volts to power up anything?
    When the battery switch is on (down) the battery kicks in & powers up all the 12 volt items but i cant get any 240 volts to work in the power points, A/C & Microwave etc….

    Yes my 15 amp power cord is working!

    Is there a main fuse or switch somewhere else i need to check?

    Cheers Brian….

  56. G’day, we have a 2012 Hawk and we are looking at putting solar panels on via anderson plug to the battery. What size pannels would you recomend that could run lights & the fridge while free camping. I have seen from your earlier posts that you recomend gas, but we have been out before and were unable to light the burner.

    Cheers, Greg

    1. Hey there Greg

      Yeah on a 3 way fridge I would recommend gas. The 12 volt side of them really isn’t overly efficient but is there to maintain the fridge temp while driving.

      I would have the fridge checked. A typical issue that may cause the fridge not to light is the igniter needs to be bent slightly closer so the spark can ignite the gas.

      I’ll give u another reason why solar may not be the best option.
      Let do some basic (basic) calculations.
      The general rule is the watts of the panel divided by 12 volts gives you approximately what the perfect power output in full sun will give u.
      So for example a 120watt panel should give u about 10amps.
      That is in absolute perfect conditions.
      Let’s say u realistically it gives u 9amps and u lose another amp in voltage drop now making it 8amps and as the solar panel heats up u can lose some power too.
      So on a perfect day with full sun u might be getting about 7-8amps per hour out of a 120watt panel.
      Well the fridge can use about 12-15amps per hour and it will want that power all the time to run.
      So honestly even 2 x 120 watt panels I don’t think would be a cost effective way to power your fridge.
      These are really basic rule of thumb calculations. If u wanted to go for solar to power everything, I would go a compressor type fridge. Jayco do a cr110 waeco which I believe fits under the bench top.
      Allrv can order and price for u.
      I hope this info helps
      Tim krieg

  57. Hi
    Wondering if anyone can help with a 1997 flamingo (not outback) and how its wiring works. 7 pin plug for car and a 3way fridge – does this mean that there is 12v and 240v. I am hoping i can have batteries installed, change lighting to led, and use solar panels for charging. Is this something easily done or are they different to the newer models?
    Thanks – chris

  58. Hey there Chris
    Your van will be all 12 volt and 240volt. The lights will have 240volt transferred to 12volt to run them.
    Drop into allrv, they have all the compatible led globes.
    Don’t buy cheapies off ebay. Trust me I have tried and they r no good.
    Tim krieg

    1. Thanks tim – in melbourne so bit far to allrv

      So is there a transformer that converts to 12v for lights, fridge, other?? Or is the transformer in the light fitting itself?
      Is there somewhere where more detailed wiring diagrams of the flamingo can be found?

      Is it easy to connect up solar to this older van?

      Cheers chris

  59. Hi ive recently purchased an old 1981 jayco swan. Being an old van i would like to go over all the wiring circuit, but i am having trouble trying to find a digram for the wiring in the old van. Also it appears the 12v circuit isnt working, no lights no brake lights indicators etc none of the vans interior 12v lights work either. So i need to findout what is wrong, the 240v seams to be working fine. Also i will be hooking up my ARK pack with a 120ah battery and solar panel for keeping the 12v going when on trips has anyone done this before would love some pics and tips on best way to go about it

  60. First I think your advice is really great and helpful and yes I do have a question. I have a 1999 Westport and I want to install a battery in it. From your advice to previous questions and a Jayco typical wiring diagram I found, this shouldn’t be too difficult. I am a bit concerned about the current in the existing hot wire due to the drain for the frig so will the standard 12v wiring to the 12pin plug cope with both the frig and a trickle charge for the battery. Or do I need to fit an Anderson plug to charge the battery from my ute. My ute is not currently wired with one (it does have a Redarc battery isolator though). Thanks for your help.

  61. Hi Tim
    I think I have just answered my question. I just went out to our local dealer and none of the new vans are fitted with the extra plug to charge the battery so Jayco obviously think the one wire is adequate for both the frig and battery charging. However I would still like to know what you would recommend.

  62. Hello all,
    Signing out.
    Please refer any future questions to acc not tim.
    I am no longer employed by australian caravan co.
    I have moved to the tropical north.
    If ur in cairns. Drop in and say g’day as I now work for jayco cairns.
    Sorry to leave some questions unanswered. I have a terrible internet plan up here which is fine with me as I am out exploring this beautiful country side here up north and can’t sit in front of a computer anymore.
    Thanks australian caravan co for 7 awesome years.
    Kind regards
    Tim krieg

  63. Hi Tim
    Just purchased 2014 Expanda and it is solar ready. Wires are run to the area where a battery would be. So I put one in. I have no 12 volt power going to the setec unit so I have no lights. The thing is why do Jayco run wires for a solar panel to charge a battery but is useless if there is no connection to the setec unit so you can use the 12 volt power ? The way wire are run I think is the battery wires go up to the roof junction box and another set run to the setec unit. Red wire connects to the Aux In +Ve and the black connects to the L8 -Ve. To hook up the battery to the unit do I run + battery terminal to the Batt +Ve and then the – battery terminal to Batt -Ve ? Is that all I have to do. Would an in line fuse be needed on the positive wire.

  64. Got a jayco swan an can’t seem to get the fridge running on mains power,
    Not sure if battery switch needs to be on (which it is) and fridge dial is set to the power socket icon , just not getting cold

  65. Hi,

    When the 12v water pump is turned on will it keep going or does it eventually cut off?
    It is a 2008 expanda.

    Do you have to have the water pump turned on for the shower when mains pressure is hooked in to run the hot water service for the hot water?


  66. Hi Tim,
    I just bought a 2011 jayco swan ob , it has a 12v battery with setec power supply fitted by jayco factory. I have few questions as below. Hope you will help.

    1. About the 3 way fridge(theford), when turn on to 12v mode, is it suppose to feed by the car trailer 7 pin plug?

    2. The 7 pin plug of the van, which number of pin is for power the fridge when traveling? Is the same pin do charge the battery of the van at the same time?

    3. When traveling if I want to power the fridge by the car battery. Just turn the fridge power mode to 12v dc , do I need to turn the battery switch of the van in “on” position?

    4. How can I find out the fridge is working when plug into the car battery?


  67. Hi Tim,

    I just received my 2014 Outback Swan and used it over the Xmas period. I have 2 questions

    1). What would I need to do to get the fridge to run on battery?
    2). What temp should the fridge remain at when towing? (We left a powered site with a cold fridge drove 6 hours stopped 2 hours, car still connected to trailer, drove another 1.5 hours opened the fridge and it was warm – things were melted in the freezer section – I thought the fridge on battery should maintain the cold?


  68. Hi Tim,
    Wondering if you could help
    On our last trip we lost power to the interior lights and the external light would only flash
    We have since replaced every fused, checked globes and they are all fine but still no luck when the camper is either pluggex into mains or not we have a Jayco dove 2006

  69. Battery switch on or off?
    I’ m sure we were told to leave the switch in the off position unless using battery.
    Will battery charge by 240 volt/ solar/ car if in the off position ?

  70. Hello. Thankyou for taking this question. I have an off-road Jayco flite so that it is stored wound down in a tight fitting garage and so difficult to open up when not in use. I have a deep cycle battery fitted at time of purchase some 6 years ago and it still goes fine. I bought 180 watt solar panels and regulator (30A) from Jaycar and wired it up and all works well. When I read these forums it is clear that the on-board battery needs charging other than our once a year trip. It has been suggest to just plug in the 240 volt supply at the side of the van and leave the battery switch on. This makes sense but first of all how long should I leave it connected? All year? Also does the inboard setec system take care of it all so that a float charging rate automatically kicks in after a while? Also, the 15 amp electrical cord doesn’t plug into the normal 240 volt household(garage) supply. Do I need to buy some extra fitting or adapter?

  71. We recently purchased a Jayco Swan second hand and I’m trying to work out the battery management and solar panel arrangement.
    The solar charge regulator is model no. TPS 1230, and there is a single battery and single solar panel on the roof. There is also an anderson plug on the draw bar to connect to the tow vehicle and that is wired directly to the van battery (red positive, black negative).
    Now, the charge controller in the van has two buttons, the “display shift” button on the left, and the “load on/off” button on the right. Underneath where the wires are connected (3 connection points – solar + & -, battery + & -, DC load + & -) there is nothing connected to the “solar”, red (+) and black is connected in the “battery”, and red (+) and black in the “load”.
    Bear with me – the questions are coming!
    With the battery disconnected completely (as in unbolted at the terminals), the charge controller shows a reading of 14.8V.
    The solar panel is connected directly to the battery (checked with multimeter showing output of nearly 19V !), and seems to bypass the charge controller completely. However the “battery” connection (the middle one) at the charge controller when checked with the multimeter shows nearly 19 V, identical to the solar panel output. (The display still shows 14.8V).
    When using the charge control unit, pressing the left button shows 14.8V for battery voltage, zero for the output current to load, and zero for the solar charge current. This doesn’t change when the fridge and all the lights are on when the battery is connected.

    I don’t gettit !! And no, I didn’t do any of the wiring – it all looks “factory”. I need to know the current draw on the battery when free camping and whats going on with the solar recharging. I can’t make heads or tails of the current (sorry!) setup.

  72. Hi Tim we have just restored an early twin axcel jayco camper around 85 model we have updated the fridge to a 3 way dometic there is a red wire and black wire for the 12 volt that runs to the 7 pin plug on the tow vehical i have the system wired in the truck with a toggle switch so the power can be turn of when not running could you advise if possible were these wires go to in the seven pin plug.

  73. Hi Tim can I use the gas hot water system with the 90litre under chasis water supply? Do I need do anything to get the water into the hot water system as I use it? Thanks in advance Steve.

  74. Hey Tim,
    I have an Avan 2004, previous owner (I assume) has fitted an anderson plug.
    I am guessing as its taped to the tow plug its for running fridge or charging.
    It also has an old battery, I left it on charge at home, but only after a long gap, I believe the battery is dead now, however, when I left home on my last trip the 12 volt lights etc worked.
    After arriving at the Destination they dont, and the battery charger is not indicating a charge into the battery, just that its on.

    My questions are basically
    1, if the battery is dead should the 12 volt lights etc still work when plugged into power?
    2, Can I plug the van into the car with the anderson plug without disconnecting the batery inside the van or turning anything off.
    Its been along time since I was able to take the van anywhere and from memory I am sure I just plugged it in last time.
    But as the battery is now dead, I am not certain if it was bad timing or something I did lol.
    Thank You

  75. Hi Tim

    I have a quick question about my 2004 Jayco Swan outback camper. I have a battery in it and am using the original power converter. When travelling along, if I put the fridge on 12v setting, does it draw from the battery or via the wire in the round socket connected to the car? Thanks in anticipation.

  76. G’day … We have a Custom made caravan which our fridge died. We had another one of the same installed a Dometic RM4601. After the fridge was installed I was informed that there was no 12v connection and no connection now. This is a 3way fridge and when travelling we always swapped over to the DC option thinking it was working. Can you tell me what would be required to wire this option in … is it very complicated

  77. Hi Tim we are having issues with our 12 volt, we thought it was our battery so we replaced that but our 12 volt lights etc., still don’t work. We have a red light under our transformer – fuses all good. We have 2 wires to our battery – white to positive and black to neutral. We also have our solar panels wired to our battery as well – can you give us any advise…..

  78. Hi
    Have just been reading some of the Q and A’s above and have found some valuable tips.
    Being a second time ACC customer we are satisfied with the previous van the a Sterling 22-64 and now our downsize to 19′ 6″ StarCraft.
    We are doing more free camps than we would normally do and are considering installing a second battery.
    Would this give us extended available power?

    Len and Sheila

    1. Hi Len

      Installing a second battery would give you more available power, enabling you to free camp with piece of mind. If you would like more information or a price, please contact our Parts & Accessories store who would be happy to assist, their no is 08) 8293 1000.

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Jackie Hoehne

  79. hi tim

    i own a 2003 jayco freedom poptop and i want to add a battery and solar i have put a 130ah agm battery in the trunk with a daul s250 c-teck dc to dc charger i have connected it all up and it is getting 14v/dc from car and with the built in solar controler im getting 13.5v/dc from 160watt fold out pannels all to battery. so all good there but i want to know how to gain access to the controler under the fridge, so i can power, lights,tv,water pump,strereo and 12 v/dc sockets. can i get pictures of how to gain access. again i love reading your comments it is good that people can get some help here.

  80. I have just purchased a 2009 Avan 17.6 caravan and is a caravan novice . I acquired the converter to go from house power to the caravan , switched to 240 in van and proceeded to run the van to see how the appliances were working I ran overnight and found a odour and a extremely hot battery is there a process I didn’t follow or is there a problem

  81. Hi there I own a 2012 Jayco Expanda 17ft and was wondering if you could email me please a wiring diagram or if I can purchase one please. Just having a few faults I want to trouble shoot as I am a sparky by trade.

    Cheers Adam

    1. Hi Adam,

      I will email the wiring diagram to you this afternoon, if you have any other questions or need assistance with anything else, please don’t hesitate to call our sales office on 08) 8297 6664.

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Kind Regards
      Jackie Hoehne – Customer Service Representative

  82. Hi Tim , what a wonderful site for new van owners who have no clue (by that I mean us) haha. We have an issue with getting a zap from our step when plugged into mains power. Can you give my husband any ideas on where to start looking for the problem please

  83. Just found this site and have been glued here for over an hour.Please continue assisting novices like myself,and I look forward to future developments.Ed.

  84. Hi,
    Just purchased new outback with two 100 AH batteries. I had to unplug the drifter monitor and mucked up the time remaining and bar graph. Before I unplugged it It displayed 199 Hours remaining and now only 17 Hours. I have attempted to run the batteries down as much as I could over the last two days and am now recharging under 240 V from what I have read this may correct the issue, any idea?
    Also on the setup parameters of the drifter panel I read that you enter in the AH of the battery, would I just put 100 AH or 200AH as I have two batteries?


  85. G’day Tim

    Very much appreciate the info here but I have a tricky one… I think…

    We have a 2008 Expanda which we are taking out for the first time now. All was going well until we lost power at one of the twelve v outlets. (I tested it with a multi)

    All fuses are intact so I began tracing the wire back to the trans and couldn’t see any obvious problem.

    Later we came home and discovered that when on 240v at the caravan park everything worked except for the main two van lights in the ceiling. They will work on 24v but not when 24v is switched off – and they did previously. We can still use the van but I’m wondering what it could be?

    I’m guessing the wiring must be intact and the problem may be at the transformer level?

    It seems bizarre that they will work on one power source but not the other. All other lights on the circuit are working fine and I double checked the fuses

    Love to hear your best guess!

  86. Hi we have a Jayco Silverline 2014 outback
    It has been in storage for 7 months – then an alarm was going off ? Reason.
    We stopped the alarm but not sure how or why ? ? Low battery.
    Then a few months later went to use van and no power to put the slide out , but discovered battery switch was off, put it on with power plugged in and all worked.
    But next morning foul rotten egg odour coming from battery and battery bubbling and bulging at sides. Near explosion miss !!!
    What would cause all this
    PLease help.

  87. Hi I have a Jayco discovery 2012.
    The fuse to the ceiling lights blows and it seems to be only when the car is connected and we are travelling. Is this possible. This did not happen with the last caravan, but the same car.

  88. I have a jayco 22 ft westport from new now 15 years old had a problem since I put a battery in the boot.. gone throw three batterys I have to the disconet battery when I plug into the mains . it also will drain the car battery if still conected .I use a isolator switch.which I must not forget to use while on the solar works well but when I pack up to go home. I must use the switch . or get home with a flat battery can you help me in any way .
    yours ben

    1. the transformer under the seat. can you tell me where the wires are. they never left them out nor where they marked this is your charging wires. I have had the lid of but still no wires to use as a charger this is in the jayco westport could youtell me where and what they are. it say s its a charger .but from new it was never set up I can use a multimeter would that do if I found two wires giveing me 13.7v that would be you think please help if you can.
      yours Ben .

  89. Hi. I have just got a 2005 18ft expander. I wired up my car to charge the battery ok but when I tried to wire up my solar panel through the trailer pin it doesn’t work. The panel is producing 16 volts but when I connect the van there is no voltage. I have the red from the panel to the black(acc) in the van socket and the black on the panel to the earth(white). What am I doing wrong?

  90. We have just purchased a 22 ft. Silver line. It has solar on the roof. However, where do you turn the power on. When I put the fridge to battery it just flashes the red light at me. In our other caravan there was a battery switch, but I can’t find it in this one. Would it be under the seat near the battery?

  91. Hi, After reading some of the above I just need to check a few settings on my 2015 Jayco Journey, factory fitted with a solar panel.It has the drifter panel showing battery charge etc and water tank levels. I read above your battery switch explanation. I assume the little switch on the battery drifter panel is the battery isolating switch? So, on when using the van, off when storing the van? If I leave it on after I disconnect 240 power supply and the fridge is set to DC, will the fridge use battery power until I plug in the car connection? Do I need to switch it on to charge battery via 240 V supply? Do I need to switch it on to be charged by solar? Does the system automatically decide which to use as the charging source, either solar or power? If I had the 240 v power connected and the electric HWS in service, is there any preference to using the water pump or just the water hose pressure for kitchen and shower? I think that is all so far. Still learning! thanks Steve

  92. Hi,

    We expect to take delivery of our new Starcraft in a few weeks time.
    The new van will come with the standard 12 pin wiring connection. We have been told that we need to upgrade from our existing 7 pin connector to a 12 pin connector on the tug vehicle.
    The Starcraft will be delivered with a 12 volt 100 amp deep cycle battery fitted.
    Since ‘Voltage Drop’ from using under size connecting cables is one of the biggest factors in poor performance of low voltage equipment, and a typical example of this was evident in both of our two previous Jaycos where the fridges had very poor performance on 12 volt operation via the standard 7 pin connection (even when wired direct to the Tug vehicle battery) until a heavier cable was connected.
    Will upgrading to the 12 pin connection be a complete waste of time and money? because the size of the wiring that can be attached to this type of connector, (even on the larger connection pins 8 to 12 which are rated at 35amps) would still be very inadequate when it comes to charging the c from the vehicles alternator in a reasonable time.
    I believe that in order to charge the caravan battery in a reasonable time from a vehicle 12 volt source, the supply cable conductor from the vehicle needs to avoid any voltage drop and to do this it probably need to have a conductor in the order of 13.5/sq. mm. section (ie 6 AWG). This size not be compatible with a 12 pin connector, and would probably need to employ an Anderson type plug to make a connection between the Tug vehicle and the Starcraft as a main power source and only the rear/stop/turn lighting etc. would be connected via a 7 pin connector as in the past.

    I have previously emailed Jayco requesting information on what circuit is connected to what pin on the 12 pin plug so that I can more understand what might need to be done, but they have never replied.

    I would be interested to hear your comments as the Jayco Techo and what you suggest .


    1. Hi, have you had any luck with this question?
      I need the same answer, I don’t really want to give up my 7 pin plug and Anderson plug but not sure of alsco-esc issue?


  93. Hi,
    All three of the overhead lights on my Jayco Penguin have suddenly stopped working, whether on 240 volt or battery.
    The outside light works OK, the cable to overhead lights is plugged in, battery switch is on, and fuses seem ok.
    Any suggestions.

  94. I have a new 2015 20ft Jayco expanda outback.
    I am trying to run the Coleman aircon unit with a 2000w generator but I have found that even with the aircon off, as soon as I plug in the van there is immediately quite a strong load on the generator even though fridge is on gas, lights are off and battery switch is off. Generator won’t even run the microwave. Any idea what the current draw in the van could be?/

  95. Hi, we have a 2009 23 ft Jayco Stirling, the main 230 v safety switch keeps tripping under load, we can run the fridge and a small heater fine but if I load it a little more it keeps tripping out. I cant use the 230v hot water or an electric jug on its own.
    It goes back in ok when reducing the load which is well under its 16 amp capacity. I would presume if there was a wiring fault it would trip straight away and I would not be able to reset it. Do you think the safety switch could be faulty, it is a Din safe MCB C16 N17482 NHP Terasaki breaker.

  96. Hi we have a Jayco Starcraft. The battery for the van brake under the bed refuses to charge. When I test the battery it says low. Warning device in car beeps and says battery low. Had this problem 8 months ago and renewed battery so battery is not old. How do I charge brake battery . Caravan battery is working fine.


  97. I have a 2003 Jayco Heritage and did the first free camping last weekend since July. The water heater is now not working when there is no 240v power (works ok when connected to 240 power supply). The battery is fully charged, I have the switch on the side of the box containing the converter switched to on (this controls water heating when battery only power) and it’s glowing red so power is there.
    There has been one change since July, the Centurian converter packed up and was replaced by a Setec unit. I believe a common thing for old Jaycos! Everything worked fine before this replacement. Or is this just a coincidence?
    Any ideas? I assume there is only one element heating the water. If it works under one surely it should work under the other!
    Cheers! Robert.

  98. Hi mate
    This is probably another silly question. We recently purchased a 23ft 2010
    Jaco Sterling . Everything works great and is a brilliant van compared to the Coromal Capri that we had. I would assume that the van has a battery charger.
    The question is where is it likey to be , I have looked everywhere , under the bed ,
    In the front boot etc.
    We seem to have no issues with the battery and it hasn’t gone flat as yet , but I would just like to know where it is.
    Regards Paul

  99. Hi
    I have a discovery outback 2008.
    The interior lights work fine on mains, but just recently will not work on battery with battery switch on.
    I have 12v at the main fuse in the box under the fridge at both line and load, but no power at line side of any other fuses.
    Seems like the printed circuit is US?
    Could this be the case

    Thanks Tom

    1. Hi Tom
      I was just asking one of our experts about this and he had a few more questions, can you send us your phone number or call and ask for Geoff on 82976664 and he will be able to help!

  100. I have a TV in RV which i want to put on 12volt. It plugs into power point so do i get an inverter so Rv plugs into it then into power point so i am not drawing as much power around 100watts drawing at present ok on 240 power but free camping 12 volt would be better.

    1. Hi Maria
      I was just talking to Geoff here about your question and he would like to help you, but has a few questions. Can you call him on 82976664 or send us your number an we can call you back!!
      Thanks for the enquiry.

  101. Hi we have an eagle touring 2015 model and will be undertaking a lengthy trip in April. We will be undertaking some one night stops, freedom camping. We have Auxilliary battery kit and control panel. When we stop overnight, lights will run from the battery. No issue. Will the fridge also run or do we need to run the gas. I have been informed given the short stops the battery will keep the fridge cool. Is this correct.

  102. Hi, how can I run my 90 ltr Electrolux three way fridge permanantly on 12 volt. Do i need to hook up extra battery alongside the existing one with a 250 watt solar panel, running it all through a CTEK DC to DC charger with the fridge switched onto the 12 volt position. Will the solar keep the fridge running with both batteries till the next day when the sun comes out again and will the 250 watt solar panel keep up to it all.
    Thanks your page is amazing.

  103. Hi Mike,

    Unfortunately what you are proposing will not work on the type of fridge you have proposed. The set-up you are after is for a compressor type fridge. Please call me on 08 297 6664 and I can explain in detail.


  104. Hi, we take delivery of our new Peguin next Wednesday. The Penguin has a 12 pin plug and an Anderson plug, I believe the Anderson plug charges the Penguin’s battery and the fridge in powered through the 12 pin plug, is this correct.

  105. Hi, we’ve just bought a 2015 Penguin which we take delivery of next week. I noticed it has an Anderson plug and a 12 pin plug at the hitch. I assume the vehicle charges the Penguin’s battery via the Anderson plug and the fridge is fed by the vehicles battery via the 12 pin plug, is this correct?

    1. Hi Tony,

      Congratulations on your purchase. This would be correct the Anderson plug should be wired to the Penguin’s battery for charging and pins 9 amd 10 run the fridge on 12v. Please note 12v function of the fridge is only to help hold temp during transit.

      I hope this helps?


  106. Gday, I have a 2005 Heritage which has the factory transformer/charger fitted. When I turn the battery switch on, the transformer clicks (sounds like its turning on) & I have around 0.2A current draw from the battery. Is this normal ?

  107. Hi ACC,
    I have a Jayco Starcraft 2011 tandem with full ensuite. The battery wasn’t charging so I purchased a new battery the same. however the new battery is now not charging. Where do I find the charger in the van and how do I check if there is charge going to the battery

    1. Hi Norm,

      There is obviously an issue since replacing your battery. There is a black transformer box located near the floor that converts power and regulates/trickle charges the battery. If the battery gets to low this will not bring back charge and you will need to arrange alternative HD charger. Please call me and I can help talk through it….if not please book it in for assessment and repair through our service dept, note charges will apply.

  108. Another question on the Penguin. Unfortunately it was recalled before we could take delivery, when we do take delivery in a couple of weeks my first order of business will be to install a solar panel on the roof, my question is where can I find the solar provision cables for both the roof and battery terminations.

    1. Hi Tony,

      If there is a provision fitted, wiring is fitted to J-Box that can easily be identified and the wiring is located close to the transformer ready for connection to the battery etc. This will be shown to you at handover.

      I hope this helps?

  109. Jumping the gun a bit here, but! Jayco states the Penguin has solar provision. I assume this means cables in place, if so, where are the terminations situated?

    1. Confirming that solar provision is a std fitment on all 2016 O/B chassis campers and factory option on std chassis. Please above post that helps explain locations.


  110. Hi I we have recently purchased a 2015 jayco 17 ft pop top Expanda . I was wondering do I have to have the bed ends open as well as the roof popped in order for the 12 volt power to work ? Thanks

    1. Hi Steve & Alicia,

      No the 12v lights should still operate….please check fuses located in the transformer or the wire connections in the pop top sleeve. Please free to call and I can talk you through it 08 297 6664.


  111. Hi
    I recently purchased a 2008 Jayco Discovery. It was fitted with the Setec Transformer and charger but no battery.
    I have connected a 105AH AGM battery via heavy duty cable to Bat + and Bat- on back of the Setek and works fine but I see that it should have an inline fuse from battery and battery switch. I f this is correct what size should the fuse be and what type of switch for the battery. The switches I have seen in photos appear to be a simple on off switch which looks a household switch but at the local RV outlet they tell me it should be a humungus HD switch which is all that they stock.
    Would greatly appreciate your advice

  112. Hello from Tasmania,
    What a fantastic forum. Well done.
    I purchased a second hand 18′ Jayco Heritage PopTop about 6 months ago. Just love the van. My enquiry is with the 3 way fridge. It appears the only way to start the fridge on gas is to plug the van into 240v or the Tow 12v power system. Is this normal ? It’s frustrating if you are free camping and have vehicle unhooked. I would have thought at least the gas igniter would be connected to the van battery system.
    Bracketman (aka Barry)

    1. Hi Barry,
      This is unfortunately correct for Heritages….plug into your vehicle or 240v. On later models the house battery takes care of the ignition system. Realise it is frustrating but part of your setup function whistle free-camping and before you totally un-hook start your fridge.


      1. Thanks Geoff,
        I read somewhere that these 3 way fridges have auto reignite if the gas flame goes out. If this is right, how can this work if the house battery is is isolated from the fridge.
        Also I have been considering installing a cable connection from house battery back into the aux in of the converter with a spring loaded (off) toggle switch inline to just “start the gas”. Would this work ?

        Thank you for your time in replying.

        1. Hi Barry,
          the fridge you have in your van doesn’t have auto reignite.
          you have to reignite manually.
          To connect a cable to the aux of the convertor to the fridge I am not sure.
          your best option would be to contact the fridge manufacture service department with the
          serial number and check with them.
          sorry that one has got me stumped.

          if you have an easier question please let me know….Ha Ha

  113. Hi,

    I have just purchased a 2015 Jayco Expanda. I already have a 12pin Narva plug on my vehicle, and the hotwire and Earth for the fridge are correctly connected up to Pin 9 and pin 10. For the battery charge can I move the hotwire on the van side from pin 2 to pin 8 to match the vehicle?



    1. Hi Jason,
      your best way to charge your house battery is to have a wire,6mm min, to an Anderson plug.
      Then the same size from your car battery to the rear of the vehicle wit an Anderson plug.
      Regards Geoff

  114. Hi
    I have just bought a 2014 Jayco Journey 17.55 outback,now having come from a campertrailer with the Cteck D250S
    fitted I was able to charge the battery in the camper from the Anderson plug from alternator while driving and as soon as the car was switched off it would run on solar automatically.Does the setec in the van work the same way, as when we are touring and stop at say an attraction and we want to spend a few hours looking around we don’t want to find that the battery isn’t charging from the solar while the fridge is sucking about 13 amps an hour out of the battery.And if it does work like this what is the max wattage of solar I can run through the Setec system.
    Thanks Steve.

  115. Hi Geoff, I have a Penguin 2003. The regulator circuit board has just shorted out , (blowing fuses). Can I get a replacement circuit board/regulator that will suit? I have googledJayco sites but cannot find a suitable unit.

    1. Hi Garry,
      the transformer you require can be purchased from any Jayco dealer.
      look up your nearest dealer and give them the model number on the unit.
      good luck

  116. Hi Gary,
    Limited to what can advise with this but need to ascertain why the transformer circuits boards are shorting. It may be not the transformer. I recommend that you contact your nearest authorised Jayco agent to fault find for the cause.

  117. Hi Gary. Just purchased new a couple months ago a starcraft outback. It was 2015 manufacture. How can i get the car to charge battery when traveling? I suspect it is not charging at present.

    1. Hi Don,

      Recommend fitting an Anderson plug to your vehicle & to your vans battery. This way while you are in transit your van battery will get up to 30amps of charge capability.

  118. Hi, we have a jayco silverline 2014, the Coleman mach aircon was working and coming on sometimes when first-time plug in the 240v, now nothing, no power at all, is there a isolation switch somewhere or fuse, the Coleman mach aircon does not turn on manually or with the remote, has no lights on panel, thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Greg,

      We spoke yesterday and I certainly believe there is an issue that needs to be looked. As mentioned please contact your nearest A/C technician. Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance.

    2. Had this problem too. Turns out that there was a recall on some of these units around 2014. Contact Jayco Thechnical (at head office) and give them your VIN number and they will tell you if your van is in the recall. They were very helpful to me. Mine got fixed free. Works well now.

  119. Hello there,
    We have just purchased our first caravan which is a 2006 Jayco Swan Outback. I was wondering if you could please clarify that if I was to purchase a deep cycle battery and connect to the appropriate wires it’ll be charging when plugged into 240v?
    Another words the black box under the seat with the 5 or 6 fuses is a converter from 12V to 240v and a battery charger when plug into 240v or when plugged into your car?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards

  120. Hi Geoff,
    Recently purchased a 2013 Discovery with no battery. I have purchased a deep cycle 100 A/h battery which is remaining external. Also purchased a 100w solar panel for charging. Connecting battery direct to van with a second 12pin Narva plug is the plan with earth wires to negative terminal and the rest to positive…. Could probably exclude brake and indicator wiring…. Does this structure sounds feasible?
    Thanks for your support in advance…

  121. Hi. I have just purchased a second hand 2006 Jayco Eagle camper. Can someone please tell me what the switch above the fuse box is for? (Standard wall switch). Is this the battery isolation switch? Thanks.

  122. Hi. We have just purchased a 2002 Jayco Heritage that has a battery fitted under the seat. There is also a small switch fitted to the front of the seat just above the fuse box. (Sounds the same as Anthony, above)
    My question is. What is this battery supposed to work in the van? It is fully charged but nothing works when the 240 volt is not connected.
    I thought that the lights would work on battery power at least! Is there a problem that should be looked at?
    Thanks in advance. Graham

  123. Hello Tim,

    We have a 2015 triple bunk Starcraft. I recently purchased a battery for it. Located next to the battery box are two sets of cables. One has electrical tape over the terminals and the other doesn’t. Can you please tell me:

    a) Do I hook up one or both
    b) If it’s one set, which one?
    c) What does each set do?

    I would very much appreciate your reply

  124. Good day
    We have a Jayco sterling 2006 and the lights or pump do not work if the 240V is not plugged in. The battery shows fully charged on the monitor and the battery switch is on.
    The paperwork with the van mentions a battery converter. Can you advise where we would find this and would this correct the problem.
    The van has never been used on battery before, always used 240V

  125. Chassis P70394 hello can you let me know why we have a RED light on our battery box on side of bed. This light has never come on before. Replaced the GREEN 30AMP fuse the other day, but light still on. All 12v appliances, lights etc seem to be fine. We are currently on 240v van park power, but also came on and off while free camping the other day. Appreciate your reply thanks

  126. Hi,
    I have purchased a 2012 Expanda, and am trying to understand the 12v feed from my car to the deep cycle battery in the van.
    My car has a seven pin round feed, and the van has a seven pin rectangular feed.
    Does that mean it doesn’t have the ability to charge the van through my car, and an andersen feed is required?

  127. Hello, I have just a simple question:- I have an anderson plug connection from the car to the caravan. While travelling I have it connected to charge the van battery setup and I disconnect it when I set up. My question is.. is the Anderson plug on the caravan a one way feed. eg, car to van or can I power 12 volt applicances eg. external strip lights and a water pump for a shower from this anderson plug connection? I understand I can run these applicances from the battery in the van (via connections) but was wondering if the plug would do the same thing.

  128. Hi,
    I can’t get the answer I’m after from previous posts, although it may have been covered.
    I had a new AGM battery put in our 2013/14(don’t remember the year exactly) on road swan, last year. I had the van plugged into 240v for 4-5hrs and the battery is still dead. I can see two plugs behind the setec box which are both on, there’s a redarc box near the battery that doesn’t show anything unless charging direct to the battery with aligator clips (though I think this might be for the solar panel charging).
    1. Should the battery charge via 240v?
    2. What do the two switches under the seat behind the setec do.
    3. Is there a way I can check the charge facility is working as I think it should? Happy to buy a multi meter
    4. Anything else I can do to get the battery charging, plugs wired backwards?

  129. hello tim i have just recently purchased a used jayco destiney outback it has breakaway brakes

    i was wondering how does the battery in the breakaway box under the bed charge?

  130. Hi
    transformer fault light flashes. lights flicker when connected to anderson plug.
    Anderson plug got caught on tow bar stripped wiring earthed out on towbar,repaired wiring pump works but lights flicker and flash fault light flashes on front of transformer. All fuses seem fine

  131. I have a 2000 Jayco Hawk. It does not have 12v. But it has the black inverter box that is plugged into 240v. Is this box to power the lights? What is the best and cheapest system to power my van 12v. And where does it usually fit?

  132. Hi
    We have a 2015 StarCraft Outback, we were running off the battery and the power points would not work. The battery switch was on. From memory we have never done anything different when free camping then switch the battery on.
    Are we doing something wrong?

  133. Hi. I have a 2002 Jayco Freedom with onboard battery. I want to set up for with solar. Besides panels what do I need and can it also be used to power the 3 way fridge? I am already using the 12 pin plug to charge the battery when driving.

  134. Hi, I have just bought a 2012 Jayco Swan fitted with an ST20-II power supply but not fitted with a home battery. I want to fit a deep cycle battery and solar panel so that I can run all but the fridge from the battery (will preferably use the gas to the 3-way fridge) and have the solar top it up. Any suggestions on methodology/gear/other options? ( from reading some posts, I was thinking of running the solar to the battery via the 12 pin caravan socket using pins 2 & 3 )

    Many thanks, Nick

  135. Hi, I have a 2013 Starcraft Outback (secondhand) We can use the internal TV on mains power (240 volts and generator) but can you advise on how to run it on 12 volts. Do I need to add a 12v plug from yhe battery or can the three pin plug be switche from 240v to 12v somehow. As you can probably guess I am fairly electrically challenged
    Thanks Tim

  136. hello I run 2×200 watt solar panels on the roof of my Sterling 2006 full van and I have 2x 100 amp Gell batteries with the fridge set to 12 volt can I keep the fridge on when in storage where I get plenty of sun or will this destroy my batteries over time and how does this operate. a friend said it will damage the batteries doing this.
    thanks Allan

  137. Hi , I’ve just purchased a jayco eagle outback with solar panel on roof .What is the difference between the 120watt and optional 150 watt panel ? measurements of both would be of great assistance .Also if I was to use the additional panel on the roof of my vehicle, could I just connect it to the charge wire on the trailer plug to charge the vans batteries?[sometimes I park van in shade of trees and vans solar is compromised]. cheers stan

  138. I want to use my 2016 Jayco Dove for free camping using a solar panel to charge the battery, with the fridge using gas. I assume therefore I will be running on 12 Volt, and so to use my Engel fridge accessory I need a cigarette lighter connection. Is that correct, and if so do I need to get a cigarette light connection fitted somewhere?

  139. Just want to clarify. If we have our van outside – not being used and NOT plugged in to 240 volt (at home) and we want to keep the battery charged with solar, do we need to have the battery switch on the drifter panel on? 2016 Silverline

  140. Can anyone tell me if there are more fuses than the blade fuses on the black floor panel as the 3way fridge in my jayco 2012 sterling didnt work when set on 12v and plugged in to the car. It worked on the way to the caravan park and fine on 240v in the caravan park but not on the way home

  141. Hi
    I am wondering what type of current is supplied from the inverter on my 2005 Jayco Expander. Is the current supplied while plugged into mains and charging the battery suitable for deep cycle agm type batteries?.
    Any assistance / information is greatly appreciated
    Thank you

  142. Hi. I have a 2017 StarCraft Pop-top with bathroom and 12V battery system. I would like to plug in a portable solar panel but cannot obtain any wiring plans to know how it should be connected. I have an Auto-electrician coming this week to make the install.

    We would like to connect an Anderson plug that will also connect to our vehicle to allow car or solar charging for the van battery.

    Any assistance greatly appreciated.

  143. Hi, i have a 2004 heritage 2004 my problem is that i was getting it ready to go away when I noticed that the green light on the converter under the seat was not on. When i lifted the fuse cover (american cs6000) one of the 25amp fueses was melted and no 12 volt was working and the battery was dead. I put an new fuse in but still nothing , l have looked at the circuit and there is no sign of burning or smell, there is power going in but that is it. I see in some of the other post that the battery switch being on to keep the battery charge..
    If i need to replace the converter where can i purchase,thanks for any help dave

    1. Hi David,

      It could be the converter has packed up, the team at ALLRV Parts and Accessories can assist further with sourcing any parts you need. ALLRV can be found at 108 Daws RD, Melrose Park or via phone on 08 82931000.



  144. We have a Jayco heritage pop top 16ft 2002 model which is not fitted with a battery and appears to have the ST20 power supply. When using it last weekend the retro fitted water pump tried to run when called for but the power supply was unable to cope with the demand and the voltage dipped, van lights reduced in lighting level, the system recovered and tried again repeatedly until I isolated the pump. I assumed the pump was faulty however the next dat the same thing happened when switching on some lighting. Without conducting any tests Im assuming that the power supply unit is faulty and needs replacing. Now for my question. As I don’t use the battery charging facility and only use the regulated power supply and fuse panel is there another option of panel available. Some of the other facilities the current panel has are really nice to havs and I feel I can do without them.

    1. Hi Bob,

      As far as I’m aware you would still need an appropriate 240v to 12v inverter. Since your 2002 heritage a few different reiterations of your inverter has come out which may be more suitable to your needs. Best contact would be either our Service Department on 08 82931000 or a qualified electrician. Both would likely want to site then van with yourself and be able to advise the best solution to your problem.



    1. Hi Steve,

      It could be a little roof safety switch that is fitted on the inside of the roof between the roof and the canvas on the outside of the camper on the non-door side. This is a little roller switch that cuts off power to the roof lights if the roof gets lowered with the lights still on. This could be stuck on or possibly faulty. If that doesn’t help feel free to contact our service line on 08 82931000 to assist with further fault finding.



  145. I have a plan …. at least I hope I do. Our Prado had an Anderson plug and 7 pin for the trailer. When we purchased our Starcraft we had them changed to a 12 pin. I was hoping to pair off from the 12 pin and put in a new Anderson plug and run from that straight to the caravan battery. THEN as we have a portable 120 solar panel with built in controller, put an Anderson plug on that so that when we are free camped I can plug it into the Anderson plug that normally plugs into the Prado. It sounds good to me,but can I have your thoughts please.

    1. Hi Stephen!

      Love the idea! The only thing I would be cautious of is pairing of the 12 pin, it may be safer and easier to run a new Anderson plug, probably best to run your idea by an auto elec or you can contact our ALLRV parts and accessories store and speak to our vehicle fitter for some advice on 08 82931000

      Kind Regards

      1. Thank you Jade. I only just found this site and it is a credit to Jayco!
        I am hoping that when the original Anderson plug was installed it had heavy duty wiring … we shall see.
        PS Love your sponsorship of motor racing

  146. hi i have a 2008 sterling pop top 17.55. can i charge the van battery while running the fridge while traveling .ihave been told that it is not possible is this corect .thanks mike

    1. Hi Mike,
      I reckon it could be possible using a 12 pin plug and an Anderson plug to achieve what you are after. If your fridge has a 12v option it would be able to maintain temp through the 12 pin plug whilst your travelling and use the Anderson plug to charge your house battery through your car!
      If you want more info give our vehicle fitter a call at Allrv Parts and Accessories on 08 82931000 he should be able to step you through your options with your current setup!

      Jade – ACC

  147. Hi
    I have a 2014 Jayco Silverline which I have only used on a few occasions unfortunately & are preparing to go away in a few days & I have discovered an electrical fault with the mains power, the microwave is the only thing working, no lights, fridge or power points, all the fuses are fine & trip switch has been on as well, any ideas or pointers would be appreciated!! When I switch it to battery however everything works!!


    1. Hi Glenn,

      That’s not good at all! Is the hot service working on 240v? Sometimes if the electric element has blown in the HWS it can affect the electrical systems. If the safety switch is working that is all I kind think off, unless there is a short somewhere in the electrical system.

      If you would like to give our service department a call on 08 82931000, they should be able to give you a better technical advice to help you fault find.

      Kind Regards

  148. I have a 2008 Jayco Expanda Pop-Top. Previous owner changed the Anderson from the batteries direct to the 150l Fridge.
    I want to change the Anderson Plug from the Car back to connecting directly to batteries.
    The Connection changes have been made near the Battery in the van
    Can I connect the 12v to the fridge that was connected to the Anderson from the car directly to the Battery as there is an OFF switch on the fridge i.e. when Switch is switched to OFF or other source then DC would not be drawn?
    I also have Solar charging to the Battery; Is that correct that black wire is +ve and white -ve in vans?


  149. Hi there….
    Just wondering if you can charge the break away battery while driving? If so where do you connect the wiring to.
    Strait to the battery or the terminals on the out side of the breaksafe unit?
    Also does the Sterling 21 footer 09 have the pre wiring for solar ? Thanks in advance 😊

    1. Hi John,
      Depends on the brake safe unit, some had a charger that you plugged into a powerpoint some could charge through the plug – If you give our service department a call on 08 8293 1000 they should be able to help you with the brake away unit!

      With the pre-wiring for solar, it really depends on what was ordered at the time of the van, easiest way to tell if there is a solar regulator inside the RV or a white junction box on the roof are the indicators that the particular RV has a pre-wiring for a solar system or if you give us a call with your Chassis number we can check with Jayco if it has the pre-wiring!

      Hope this helps!

      Kind Regards
      Jade – ACC

    1. Hi Chris,

      It depends on which model of Conquest, yours possibly could be fitted to the drifter panel, or If its a battery switch it could be in a cupboard near the fridge. If you let me know a chassis number I’ll find out for you


      Jade – ACC

        1. Hi Chris,
          I’ve done a little bit of research, you should have a drifter control panel located near the sink and TV, this will have a battery switch on the drifter panel, for memory on the left-hand side of the panel that will operate your battery

          Jade – ACC

  150. HI, we have a jayco penguin 2012, we are having trouble with the power, the 15 amp lead works all items but when we run off just the battery only the lights work and none of the power points or hot plate works at all until we plug back into the mains. is there anything we can check ? All fuses are fine.

  151. I used to charge the gel pack batteries in my old van from the car through an Anderson plug, inverter and then through a low output multi stage battery charger when travelling so no need for expensive voltage conscious relays. Will this still work OK with my 2009 jayco discovery with a lead acid battery ?
    Van was powered from an inverter connected into the vans mains plug using the vans power lead when free camping. Don’t think the new system will like this so am I OK to run an inverter direct from the van battery to power the TV ?
    Is it possible to add extra gel pac batteries to the lead acid system system to increase capacity or will this cause damage to the vans system?

    Many thanks

  152. recently purchased a 2011 jayco star craft pop top with back door entry. I want to put a 200w solar panel on roof. How can I get wiring through roof into vinyl down to battery under bed without cutting or damaging vinyl .

    1. Hi Rob,

      It depends if the RV was built with solar provisioning options, if you have a look on the poptop sleeve on the non door side they usually have a sleeve that runs up to the roof and which terminates into a weatherproof junction box on top of the roof.

      If you give our service department a call on 82931000 they should be able to provide more information

      Jade – ACC

  153. I have purchased a 2013 Jayco Expanda and noted it has an Anderson plug under the right hand side of the van which I was told was for a solar panel to be connected. I can’t see a current regulator in the vicinity of the battery so before I connect the solar panel and potentially overcharge / ruin the battery, can you advise me if the AC/DC power supply to the battery can handle a fluctuating voltage / current from the solar panel. Alternatively, do I need to install a separate regulator between the battery and solar panel?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Geoff,

      Usually, our clients purchase portable solar panels that come with a solar regulator inbuilt to the portable panel. I don’t believe the battery would handle fluctuating voltage very, could lead to issues. I would try and get a solar panel with a regulator inbuilt so you don’t have to worry about fussing around with wiring.

      Jade – ACC

  154. Hi Guys,
    I have a 2013 Jayco Eagle and I am in the process of puting on a 190w monocrystalline solar panel with a 145aph GEL deep cycle battery and a 10amp solar power controller regulator. My question is with the 3 way fridge can you tell me how many amps per hour these use, and also if I want to use the 240v power points in the van to use small appliances (toater, kettle, small tv) will I need to buy an inverter to run anything 240v.
    Any help on this would be great

    1. Hi Jason,

      Depends on the model fridge that was optioned with the eagle, if you ring through to our service department with a chassis number (welded on the A-frame or compliance plate) they can see what fridge you have and that’ll point us in the right direction for the draw on that fridge.

      There should be an inverter in the eagle already, all the 240v points will only work when plugged in on mains power however so if you did want to run 240v appliances on the 12v you may have to change to inverter setup that currently is in the RV.

      Jade – ACC

  155. Hi Jade.
    I have just found your site and think you guys are great. Now I have a brand new Jaco Hawk 2015 campervan that I have never used.
    Can you help me with my problem, I would like to go to a Caravan park and plug in the 240V lead and run the whole van on 240 Volts and then as time goes by and we get more comfortable with camping we will get a couple of Deep cycle bateries and run the van on them.
    My question is can the van be wired up to do both 240V and 12 volts with just a fick of a switch?
    Many Thanks.

    1. Hi Ken!

      Thankyou very much! You certainly can, inside your camper is a transformer that converts 240v into 12v. All you need to do is when you get your batteries wired up is install a battery switch as well which will activate all the 12v components inside your camper when you are not running on 240v! Its also the best way to charge your batteries if you have it all wired through the inbuilt transformer

      Jade – ACC

  156. Good afternoon and thanks Jade and everyone from ACC.
    One more question for now, I am from Perth now don’t hold that against me but can you recomend the best brand and type of Deep cycle battery to buy?
    Jade do you recomend for a family of Four to have two batteries?

    Cheers Kenworth.

    1. Hi Ken!

      No worries we won’t hold that against you! We would recommend 100amp hour deep cycle gel batteries to fit your RV, A few good brands we use are Fusion or Hardcore which we have had good feedback on, contacting your local battery wholesaler and see what brands they recommend would be a good idea as well!

      Typically it’s not about how many people you have staying in the RV it’s how much you have a drawing off the battery and for how long you are going run off the batteries. So if you are just using your lights and not free camping a lot one battery is plenty however if you are doing extended stays and using lots of 12v appliances having additional batteries might be a good option for you.

      Hope this helps!

      Jade – ACC

  157. Hello,

    We recently disconnected the battery in our Starcraft Outback 2017 to charge after being stored for 6 weeks. On reinstalling the battery we now have no display on the Electronic Monitor (sorry not sure of the correct name) that normally shows the level of battery charge.

    Is it possible that a fuse has blown or is it something else?

    1. Hi Jen,

      I don’t think its the fuse, there should be something called the shunt which is how the drifter reads the electricity in the battery. This should be with the battery and needs to be wired up for the drifter to work.

      hopefully this points you in the right direction!

      Jade – ACC

    1. Hi Eddie,

      I believe they are charged with a power cord that plugs into a powerpoint, If you give our service department a call on 08 82931000 they should be able to give you the best advice depending on the year and model of your Silverline.

      Kind Regards
      Jade – ACC

  158. Jade

    I have a 2007 Jayco Outback Expanda Caravan and have had it parked in a shed for 10 months running off mains power to keep the battery charged. I have recently been checking all the wiring and have had an issue occur whereby the 240/12 volt TV shorted out whereby I have lost all 12 volt power. Have checked all the fuses, which are okay, however the lights, water pump, etc connected to the Transformer have stopped. I assume that the TV Short has also caused a short in the Transformer or visa versa. If it is the transformer, I assume the latest transformer is the Setec ST35 -111

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thats no good, it sounds like something has gone wrong with your transformer, usually what your describing would be a fuse issue if its just one circuit that has shorted out or like you’ve said the transformer might have gone. Worth before you go ahead and replace the transformer to have someone familiar with electrical like a sparky or auto elec to have a quick look and test the transformer to make sure its faulty before you go a replace it. That way you dont get a new transformer and still have the same issues.

      The latest 2018 Jayco transformers are a J35 (BMPRO) but this one is wired differently i believe. I think the ST35 would be an easier install if you did have it replaced but i would get it checked first just to make sure it’s not another gremlin somewhere else!

      Jade – ACC

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