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Setting Up a Roll-Out Awning & Annex for Jayco Vans

November 1 2010 | Matt

Setting Up a Roll-Out Awning & Annex for Jayco Van. Set up your shade & shelter quickly with these tips, check this simple lesson.

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11 thoughts on “Setting Up a Roll-Out Awning & Annex for Jayco Vans”

  1. good video, however I have a problem when I set up the annex. When it gets windy the annex pulls out of the anti-flap and flaps wildly. What causes this and how can I remedy it?
    thanks, I find this series of caravaning videos very useful.

  2. We have a jayco expanda 16.49 with annex.
    Our annex does not seem to have a anti flap attachment . Is this standard with all annexes ?
    Hence we are having a problem with a draft / gap between the top of the awning and the annex .

  3. I’ve been trying to come up with a good way to get shade out the side of my trailer. That way I can have a place that I can relax outside. I didn’t know that trailer canopies accomplished this so well! I’ll be sure to give it a shot. Thank you for sharing.

  4. How do you stop your front window leaking rain all over you mattress & bedding and you have no where else to sleep, They don’t tell you about this problem when you part with your $45.000 dollars ?

    1. We have decided to have storm covers made. It’s a pity they are not an option when you purchase these expandas, or advised that the mattesses will get wet because the ends are not water proof.

  5. We have new new age van with annex but when it rains it runs down the inside of the annex at the front. Seems to be coming off the roller. Has anyone else had this problem or are we doing something wrong. It’s annoying it wets all the flooring.

  6. We had a similar problem, it appears that it drips through the stitching near the roller. I have used surfboard wax and rubbed it into the stitching from the outside, it has not leaked since.

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