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Setting Up Your Jayco Camper Trailer (Including Awnings & Annexes)

November 1 2010 | Matt

It’s easy once you know how. Let us show you how it’s done.

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107 thoughts on “Setting Up Your Jayco Camper Trailer (Including Awnings & Annexes)”

  1. I have a 1993 jayco pop up. I can not get the door to line up right. For some reason the right hand peg will not fit into the slot provided. Do you have any suggestion. Everything else sets up nicely. Chris Volk

  2. We have just bought a 2005 Jayco Finch, we have an awning on it but really need an annex.
    How can we arrange for an annex to be made for our 2005 Finch Please.
    If you can help us we would appreciate it thank you.

  3. I think that what you have done in this section of Assembly of the Campers is outstanding.
    I wish we have seen this before we went away last week. Very Very helpful!!

  4. Hi Peter,
    I have just sent an email to you with instructions on our current bag awning, while it maybe not exactly the same as what it fitted your camper it should be close. Generally all brands are similar.


  5. Hi Matt,

    I have also just purchased a Jayco Pengiun caravan 2005 and have no instruction on putting up the Awning, could you please email the instructions to me as well.

    thank you


    1. Hello James,
      I have just emailed you a link to a you tube video we did regarding rollout awning and annexe set up.
      I hope this helps.

    1. Hello Paul,

      When we have a annex made for a camper, they are all measured individually. typically they are never all identical so to be safe our annex manufacturer won’t make anything until he measures the van specifically.

      Sorry I can’t give you a real simple answer on that one


  6. Hi,
    We have just purchased our first van 🙂 – a 2004 Jayco Finch. It has the bagged awning but we really need an annexe (I have 2 little rugrats, so need to spread out more than just inside the van). Can anyone recommend where I could get one please? I am located in Goulburn NSW, Close to Sydney and Canberra??? Is there anyone online? Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

  7. Hi Katie,

    I would recommend contacting one of the Jayco Dealers located in either Canaberra, Sydney or Nowra. Due to track & side skirt fitting, also need to ascertain what type of bag awining is fitted to your finch for the canavas wall attachment.

    I hope this helps?


  8. I’m another one that hasn’t been able to work out the bag awning. We have purchased a 2004 Jayco Dove and just travelled from Far Northern NSW to Melbourne and back – and loved it…only thing was, we couldn’t work out the awning so couldn’t use it.
    I would love the pdf on how to do this if you have a moment.
    Thanks for the great video..very helpful.

    1. Hey there Noeline,

      thanks for your enquiry.

      there a few styles of bag awning. Allot of dealers like ourselves here in Adelaide like to support local business and have our local canvas and awning makers make the awning.
      therefore are you able to tell me what badge is sewn on the outside of the bag awning?
      This will determine who made the bag awning and I can try to get you the instructions relevant to the specific awning.

      Let me know when you get a chance to have a look.

      Kind regards

  9. Hi, Can you help with rope end flys on jayco penguin. Can’t seem to get them to stay in track as seem to move sideways. Any help on how to keep them fixed in position?

    1. hey there Don,

      thanks for your question.

      usually these are held in by a single screw being drilled in through the top of the track and through the rope at one end. This is obviously done only when the fly is permanently fitted.
      If it is not permanently fitted and you only fit it to the van when you use them you may need to have extra rope sewn on that is then tied back at each end.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Tim Krieg

  10. Hi

    We have recently bought an old (1988) Jayco Swan which came with a brand new awning but we have no idea how to take off the old one and put on the new one!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hello there Jodie,

      this awning would be fitted just like the flys are from the above question. it will be more than likely fitted into a rope track. It will slide towards to front or rear of the camper providing it is doesn’t have a screw holding it in place in the rope track. If so, remove the screw and slide out the awning. crc or silicone spray can help also.
      I have seen sometimes as well people use silicone to hold them into the track, which by the way I wouldn’t recommend. If it is silicone it won’t be much fun.
      I would put money on one or two screws being fitted.

      I hope this helps. Good luck. feel free if you can’t get it of to send me a photo [email protected]. I may be able to help further with a photo if it’s still being stubborn.

      Tim Krieg

  11. Hi there we have just bought a jayco dove 1981 and have no idea about setting up the annex ? Do u have any instructions you could send thru plse ? Also I’m wanting to buy the awning covers to go over each bed end have you any suggestions ? Many thanks.

    1. Hello there Shane,

      Thanks for your question.

      There is a bit of unknown with older campers such as the 1981 Dove. I couldn’t definitively tell you how to erect this annexe as I’m not sure who it was manufactured by. I generally use trial and error on this occasion.

      Layout each pole and find like sizes and lay out each piece of canvas in a large area, local park or oval and try to make sense of it that way. This is how I would need to do it to give you advice on how to set it up. Most annexes of that age were not manufactured by the caravan’s brand but more likely a local canvas maker.

      Better still, talk to the previous owner and get them to give you an idea.

      In reference to the flys to cover the bed ends. These can be purchased through ALL RV Parts and Accessories, however it may be worth making a measurement of the width of the roof line where they would attach, and the length the bed comes out from the camper when set up. I assume it would be much the same as the new ones and our stock would fit straight on, however better to be safe than sorry.

      I hope this info was helpful.

      Kind regards
      Tim Krieg

    1. Hello there Mark,

      Can you tell me what poles you need help with and if it’s the annexe poles, who manufactured the annexe?

      I’ll await your reply.


  12. Hi Tim,

    Its an original Jayco. I have come to the conclusion the eyelets have nothing to do with the annexe. I have now, no idea what the eyelets are for.

    I now know there are clips that need to be screwed to the roof, I need to know what spacings, and I think I can get it done.

    I have looked on u tube for video, but they are not the model I have.

    1. Hey there Mark,

      Ahh I see. I believe that you may have a Jayco manufactured Awning.

      To confirm this these will usually have black straps that wrap around the awning bag.

      Lets assume this is a Jayco awning for the moment. What you will need to do is roll out the awning itself and look on the underside of the awning. It will have Velcro attached to it that holds the spreader bars up against the roof of the awning when it is completely erected. You will need to fit the brackets to the van under the bag and line each bracket up with the Velcro straps, imagining the spreader bars will run along the awning in line with the Velcro up towards the roof line.
      Sorry Mark, I’m not 100% sure if that explains where to fit the brackets. I hope you can make sense of my explanation.

      Tim Krieg

  13. Hi Tim,

    Yep all done, thanks. However what will happen when its all done up, the bag will rub against the brackets and eventually put a hole in the bag.

    This will also happen with the flys.

    Is it a feasible idea to buy the old spring type bars with the rubber ends that sit hard up against the body, that way there is nothing protruding to rub against the bag?

    Appreciate the help.


    1. Hey there Mark,

      I hear you. and I agree. We actually prefer the spring loaded method and still have our local canvas manufacturer make all ours exactly that way.

      If you would like bars like this made for yours, you can contact ALL RV Parts and accessories and they can order some for you (08) 8293 1000.

      Thanks again
      Tim Krieg

  14. Hi, we just brought a 2002 Jayco Freedom. Thanks to your video we worked out how to use the awning, but there are no instructions to use the annex. Please help, thanks in advance

    1. Hey there Melissa

      Thanks for your question.

      I have had similar questions to this before and I can only make assumptions as to who manufactured your annexe.
      Allot of canvas makers have their own method of attaching walls to an awning.

      Assuming its like the method we supply, you would have an anti flap kit with the van which is used to attach the walls to.

      The easiest way to describe an anti flap kit is a giant clamp.
      There are 2 parts to each antiflappper and they are bias to left and right. You need to establish which parts marry together nicely and this is done by making sure you have a spear out one end and the small L bracket out the other making sure that the giant clamp runs down the same edge on both halves.
      If you imagine this clamp will be the part that clamps the edge of the vinyl on the awning, you should be able to work out which anti flapper belongs to which end.

      Essentially once you have the anti flap kit in place, they have a sail track running in the underside of them which is where you attach the end wall.

      Hard to explain this if you haven’t seen one setup before.

      Here’s a tip for new owners.
      Caravan parks are full of helpful people. It’s like a community on the road.
      Most people that go to caravan parks know they are likely going to meet new people and/or make some new friends along the way so are more often than not willing to have a chat,
      Go for a wonder in a caravan park and see if you can find a similar van to yours. No doubt the owners will be happy to answer a question if you have one.
      Alternatively ask if you can have a peek at their annexe, while its setup.
      If your like me, once you see something setup, it usually makes all the difference.

      Also we have an annexe setup in all RV parts and accessories showroom daws road Melrose park.
      Drop in and ask for me or any other staff member if I’m not available and we can show you on our annexe here.

      I hope this helps Melissa.

      Happy caravanning
      Tim Krieg

  15. Hi there,

    We have a Jayco Swan with annex. My question is do the flaps (am presuming they are weather flaps) on the bottom of the annex go inside or outside?????

    Thanks !!!

  16. Hello there Karen,

    thanks for the question.

    Assuming you are referring to the flaps on the very bottom of each wall.

    there is a little bit of history in this industry regarding these. These flaps are traditionally called mud flaps. In the earlier days with Annexes and tents, these flaps were designed to go on the outside and you dig a small trench around the tent or annexe and put the flaps down in the hole and refill the mud on top of the flaps to help hold everything in place.

    These days (now referring to the flaps on your annex) they are designed to go on the inside and usually if you have annexe flooring or matting inside the annex, you would put the flaps under the matting.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    Happy caravanning.

    Tim Krieg

  17. Hello,

    I have just purchased a Jayco Penguin, plates Nov 2013. It comes with a bag awning and an annexe branded Kakadu. Is it possible that instructions are available on how to erect awning and annexe.

    Thank you.


  18. Hello Steve

    Thanks for your question.

    If you have a peek on You tube, you will find full videos for setup of Kakadu Annexes.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Happy caravanning.
    Tim Krieg

  19. i have recently bought a 2011 swan outback and was wondering how to take the front bag bed fly off,or how to stop it flipping up while driving. Thanks Tim.

    1. Hello Tim,

      thanks for your question.

      It will simply slide out of the track it is fitted in providing you remove the screw that is holding it from sliding out.

      there is no way to stop it flipping up unless you take it to a local canvas maker and get a strap sewn on it. relatively cheap and quick to have done.

      I hope this helps.

      Tim Krieg

    1. hey there Tom,

      Please see earlier posts regarding this one. Not an easy straight forward answer unfortunately.
      Not knowing who manufactured the annexe or awning makes it impossible to know what is fitted to that unit.

      thanks for your question.

      Tim Krieg

  20. There is quite a lot of info available on putting up an annexe with the roll out awning, but ours is the electric one which seems to be a little different set up as per the video on u tube. Any more hints please.

  21. There is quite a bit of info of how to put up annexe with roll out awning, but ours is the electric one and appears different as per the video on U Tube. Any hints please.

    1. hey there Cheryl,
      Can I ask who manufactured your annexe?
      I have to try and recall how annexes are usually attached to those electric awnings.

  22. Have just purchased a 2014 jayco eagle camper trailer having trouble setting up the bag awning and annex no help from the dealer in bendigo got my money so I was wondering if you had any instructions the one on the internet is for reliever models

    Regards Andrew pope

    1. hey there Andrew,

      thanks for the question.

      Can you tell me what logo is stamped on the bag? Is it a Jayco symbol? or is it a local Bendigo annexe manufacturer?

      If it’s a Jayco one I should be able to find instructions for you. a jayco one will also have black straps on it and black around the zip.

      Let me know what you can find.

      Tim Krieg

  23. I have a 2010 penguin outback,I’m not happy with the door,it doesn’t close probably,the butterfly clips inside to hold the door in place one has come out n there a big gap at the top of the door,n when we put it up it leans to one side,doesn’t look straight.can we put a new style door on this model.can anyone help me with this…

    1. hey there Bernice,

      thanks for your question.

      It sounds like something might not be quite right. there is quite allot of adjustment that can be done to these campers in order to help things sit right and function right.

      Have you taken it to a service centre for someone to have a look at it?

      Please remember, jayco really didn’t change the design of these doors allot for 30 years. The amount of campers they manufactured in this time would be phenomenal, so saying this, there is something that can be done to make your door sit and function perfectly.

      I would say that perhaps the roof needs adjustment in the cables and of course the clip needs replacing.

      If you are in our area please feel free to call on our service department to have a look and they can sort it out for you.

      Kind regards
      Tim Krieg

  24. Hi we have a jayco songbird camper van (wind up with canvas and 2 x slide out double beds on each side)
    About 1986 model
    We have gutted inside and building all new inside with more storage as they never had or now still have much storage .
    Anyway the door has inside holders that sit on the frame. Our inside door holders have always never stayed in (should of glued them in) , we’ll we have lost them. Can I buy these and if so how much for urgent delivery to penrith nsw (post code 2751) by Friday morning
    Thank you

    1. hey there Noeline,

      ahh ok. if you google prestige Jayco, you should be able to find contact details for them. I believe they are a Vic Jayco dealer.
      They obviously use a local canvas supplier like we do also so not knowing exactly what they manufacture I would have to refer you to them.

      Tim Krieg

  25. I just purchased a 2011 Jayco Penguin and have no instructions on putting up the awning, I would be most grateful if you could email the instructions to me.


  26. Hi- we have a big problem several weeks out from Xmas Camping. We brought a 2007 Hawk Outback. The previous owners had never used the annexe which was clearly not brought with the van in the beginning. The front and back Walls fit fine but the long side wall is a foot too long and hence does not match up to the other walls it Velcro pole supports. I would suggest an 11ft wall was either purchased or put in by mistake and we need just one 10ft wall with zip. Any ideas where I can get one wall ? The bank up plan is to have the side cut shorter however this then creates issues with windows and finding somebody to do this prior to Xmas.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  27. Hi,
    we bought a jayco swan 2011 model in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs
    It seems that most of the tie down straps to tie dawn the bags for the bag fly awnings are broken.
    The front bag on our most recent trip caught the wind and lifted up causing extra drag.
    Can you suggest some specific places to go to repair these straps or replace them with something that will last?

  28. We have a 2004 jayco swan with annexe. We recently set the annexe up and found there is a small gap between the van and annexe canvas at the top on both ends. I am concerned rain will get into annexe as well as insects. Is there a fix for this ?


  29. Hi. Tim

    I’ve just bought a Jayco Penquin Outback 2010 and I have two 60w. old style solar panels weighing about 8kg. each .can I fit these to the roof ? also when I wind it up about half way it makes a clunk noise as if something has slipped is this ok?

  30. Hi
    We have a jayco eagle 98. We have a bag awning with the zipper for the walls. My questions are.
    1 are there meant to be poles to go 1/2 way along back and front walls? When the front “door” is open the other side just flaps around.
    2. How do you get the sag out of the roof we have moved the poles u down and out with no decrease in sag. Can we fit spreader poles

  31. We have just bought a Jayco Eagle Outback 2014 model and have no instructions on setting up the awning / annex. Can you please provide me with a written version on setup? Thanks

  32. I also have a new Jayco Swan outback campertrailer and have no instructions for setting up the bag awning. I have also tried to find spring loaded awning poles for the roof extensio as the current poles fall out. Can you helkp with instructions and where you may find spring loaded poles.

  33. Hi
    We have an Eagle Outback campervan 2014. We have not yet set up the annex because we seem to have a lot of extra poles from what is shown in the utube video. Can I get instructions on how to set up the annexe?

  34. Hello,

    We just picked up a Jayco Swift and have bag awning and annex. No instruction but we have managed to get it all setup but we have a gap at the top two corners under where the bag attaches to the trailer so think we must have done something wrong.

    Can I please also have the instructions.


  35. Hi,
    We have just purchased a Jayco Finch 2005 model and are slowly getting it set up to take a Deep Cell Battery etc etc. I have 3 questions. Has anyone set up a Deep Cell Battery system in their Jayco Finch and if so any tips. ALSO when towing my van do I need extra holds when towing apart from the clips that come with the van to hold the top down. Lastly I am looking at a Power Bank with Jump Starter, has anyone been using one and if so what brand and where did you get it?
    Cheers Karen

  36. Hi Tim

    I have just purchased a Jayco Eagle caravan 2003 with rear door and have no instruction on putting up the Awning, could you please email me instructions how to set it up.

    thank you


  37. Just bought a 2011 Hawk Outback, one dilemma I have is a pole (the same colour as the ‘hockey stick’ type so I suspect an internal pole) approx 1 metre in length with rubber feet on both ends. I just can’t seem to find where it goes. Can you help? Thanks.

  38. I have a 1984 jayco songbird and I don’t have any instructions of how to erect it, can’t find any useful information on internet. Where can I find instructions for it please

  39. Hi
    I bought a 2015 Jayco Swift with Bag awning and annex walls. But it didn’t come with instructions and it doesn’t seem like the walls fit correctly. Do you have instructions for it that you can send me?

  40. Hello,
    We recently picked up Jayco Flite 2010, and like previous messages no instructions or booklet to assemble awning.
    I have watched your Eagle model setup and looks similar but unsure which poles go where.
    I have had a trial run but due to a down pour didn’t have time to try the poles in various designs, can you please assist.

  41. Hello There
    We have a Jayco Penguin Outback 2014 We are always having trouble setting the door in position . Facing into the Camper The RH pin always have difficulties aligning the location pin . Cannot seem to get the Hinge to hang wright.. Would like advice on best way to drop the door to align.

    1. Hi Tom,

      Seems there maybe an issue and recommend you contact your nearest authorised Jayco Service agent and book it in. This way you know it will be right going forward.


  42. Hi
    Completely new to camping & have just bought a 2002 Jayco Finch. Thought it would be really easy to download a manual to tell me the instructions but have found it difficult. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

  43. I have a 2014 Jayco Swift Outback and having difficulty withe getting the beds back in. The sliders jam and one person has to be at the end of the bed pushing while the other stands in doorway ensuring slides don’t bump together. What is your suggestion to rectifying this? is it best to put the bigger bed in first and then the smaller bed or vica versa? we have noticed when pulling the bigger bed out the base is slightly bowed in the middle, what are your suggestions for fixing this or is this not really a problem?

  44. Hey guys,
    Ive just purchased a 1993 Jayco eagle offroad 12 and I’m trying to get a copy of the manual/specs for referencing.
    I cant find anything on the web to suggest it even exists. Any help would be grand


  45. Hi, have bought a 2006 Jayco Dove Outback. Looking for a manual. Having trouble getting the fridge cool even after 10 days! Also want to know what the ‘fault light’ under dinette seating is indicating. We are trying to connect a battery for 12V power and solar. Only partly working?
    Thanks in advance

  46. Hi

    We’ve just got a 2nd hand 2002 Jayco Eagle and looking for some help on a couple of things.
    1. instructions for setting up the awning
    2. some information on how to put a 12v house battery in?
    3. information / price on replacing the bags for the bed awnings as the zips are quite perished.


  47. We live in Geelong I was wanting to get a zip replacement for our jayco 1988 swan/lark or new walls can you point me I. The right direction and also some set up instructions?

      1. Hi Kellie,

        We would use a local annexe and canvas manufacturer called Adelaide Annexe which is local to our dealership. Adelaide Annexe’s number is 8357 4444

        They would be able to assist you, however, due to your location you can contact your local Jayco service agent and they will be able to assist you with a recommended canvas repair agent that they use.

  48. Hi there,
    I have a 1988 Jayco Camp Cruiser, that is all the info I have, It is a pop out where the whole top (not the pop out roof type)
    goes up and down…if there is a lifting mechanism in this van it does not work, we have so much trouble lifting and lowering the top that we had to make a makeshift winch which is not safe as the top shifts when we try and raise the top and it drops when lowering it, so much that it looks like the canvas has shifted and does not line up as good as it should, anyway where in Melbourne can I take it to be repaired so we can raise and lower easier than we have been doing, we are inner North if that helps with a repair center, thanks in advance.

  49. Hi,

    We recently bought a 1993 jayco swan and I am looking for an owners manual for it, do you know where I might be able to find one please?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Jayco probably would not have a manual back from 1993, however, they may still be able to supply you with something more recent that would suit your campervan. I would give them a call and see if they can help you out.


      Jade – ACC

    1. Hi Mike, it could be something that has broken within the roof lifter system, its hard to diagnose without seeing it, I would recommend getting the lifter system inspected to see what the gremlin is!

      If you’re local to Adelaide you can give our service department a call on 08 8293 1000 and they can book it in to look at.

      Kind Regards

      Jade – ACC

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