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November 2 2015 | Matt


If you’re looking for adventure and company, then the Jayco Jaybirds might be the answer! Not everyone has friends who are interested in the caravanning community, and as such, it can sometimes be difficult to find people to travel with.

The Jaybirds are a caravan club for Jayco RV owners based in Adelaide. The club is mostly made up of those over 50 who have a passion for caravanning and an inclination for a good time. Each year 10-12 club rallies are planned, with the majority in close proximate to Adelaide.


“Be flexible and have fun” are the unwritten rules of the club, and the reason the rallies are casually structured. This allows members to enjoy their own interests while also spending time together as a group. Each rally will have a happy hours, a shared tea/BBQ one evening and a dinner at the local pub on the other.

Each event is optional to attend, allowing for people to enjoy the weekend their own way, but attending obviously increases the fun to be had!


September’s rally was located at Stony Creek. It was a fantastic two days, which involved not only the above mentioned activities, but exploring the town of Wilmington. Wilmington impressed everyone with the rail, and some cute specialty shops.  The kids in the club had a ball tad poling in the creek, and a few hotly contest games of bocce were played… The consensus was that everyone had a ball!

The next upcoming rally that new members can attend will be located in Normanville on the 5th – 7th of December. If you are interested in joining the Jaybirds, shoot through an email to Phil who can give you all the details. Joining involves paying a $50 annual fee, and means when you book into a rally you can access the discounted rates the club can often acquire.

We think clubs such as the Jayco Jaybirds are an absolutely fantastic way to meet new people and bond over a shared love of the outdoors and adventure. With a relaxed approach to these gatherings, we think the Jaybirds have found the perfect formula for an adventuring good time. For more information visit the club’s website at


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