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Tips For Caravan Life

November 20 2018 | Jade Walsh

Tips For Caravan Life

RV travel skills are like good wine. They get better over time. Here’s a couple of simple tips to make your RV holidays more pleasurable.

Create a Makeshift Speaker for Your Mobile
Don’t clutter and weigh down your van with unnecessary things. You don’t need big speakers or even a separate speaker plugin for your mobile to listen to music or share a telephone conversation. Pop your mobile in a clean, dry ceramic mug and check out the improved sound quality.

Ground Coffee Make Easy
This tip is for van owners who love good coffee but don’t want to travel with their espresso machine. Just put some quality, ground coffee (I can smell it now) in a coffee filter paper. Tie it up with dental floss and then use it as you would a teabag in hot water. Mmmm….

All Weather Zippers That Work
Select your favourite travel clothing items that have zippers. Simply put a keyring on each zip to give you the leverage you need for a smooth, trouble free operation. You’ll thank yourself when it’s freezing cold and you’re wearing gloves.

Make a Homemade Portable Washing Machine
Sometimes it’s not easy to get to a laundry. Piles of dirty laundry in your van can make the atmosphere somewhat unpleasant. Here’s a 6-step solution:

  1. Get a 20-litre bucket, cut a small hole in the top
  2. Put in some water and detergent
  3. Toss in your dirty clothes
  4. Stick a bathroom plunger through the hole
  5. Apply some elbow grease
  6. Rinse then apply some more elbow grease and wring.

Smoked Meat Flavour Made Easy
If you don’t have time for a meat marinade try putting rosemary right on the coals. Once your coals are uniformly grey and ashy cover them with fresh rosemary branches. Use this trick with lamb, pork, chicken, rabbit or vegetables to add a lovely smoked taste of savoury herbs.

Never Lose Your Keys in Water
Save yourself the frustration and expense of losing keys in the water when you’re on holidays. Buy a commercially made float from a boating shop or make your own. If you’re handy, securely attach your keys to a good-sized cork – like a champagne cork. (There’s an excuse to celebrate). It’s a no-brainer if you’re boating.

Keep Leftover Avocado from Turning Brown
With every smashed avocado on toast contributing to the national debt, you’ll hate the waste of left over avocado turning brown and yukky in your van’s fridge. Fear not, nature has a neat answer. Get a small sealable container. Chop some onion and place in the container, then seal with your leftover avo’. Hey presto, it’ll stay fresh and green for days.

Do you have any other tips? Please share them in the comments area below for the rest of our readers.

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