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Visit the Northern Territory

November 20 2018 | Jade Walsh

Visit the Northern Territory

The NT is an incredible state and stretches from the Red Centre all the way to tropical Darwin. We’ve listed 5 amazing places that we think should be on any itinerary that ventures north in the cooler months.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is located 171 KM southeast of Darwin, a protected area of the NT, world Heritage listed, and the largest national park in Australia.

There are endless number of things to explore and adventures to be had within Kakadu. There’s croc spotting, boating tours, indigenous history, scenic flights and more! An incredible national treasure, Kakadu will keep you warm in winter and give you the experience of a life time.

One person who visited the Jim Jim Falls in the Park commented…

“The pictures of this place, as beautiful as they are, do not do it justice. The scale of the cliffs, the waterfall and the plunge pool are breathtaking. This really is a must see in Kakadu.”


Located in the Red Centre of Australia, Uluru is one of the most recognisable Australian landmarks in existence. The amazing rock formation is an inselberg, an isolated hill that rises out of an otherwise dry or flat region due to extensive and flat erosion. To the indigenous inhabitants of the land, Uluru holds spiritual significance and plays a large role in their cultural beliefs.

A 17.5 hour drive from Adelaide, Alice Springs is the largest town relative to Uluru. Uluru has a number of walks and tours that are available, and ones that focus on the indigenous culture will give visitors an understanding to why the landmark is so significant, and why it is requested people do not climb Uluru out of cultural respect. Hailed as a pilgrimage that all Australians should try to make, seeing Uluru is a must for any trip north.

One visitor said…

“I had been wanting to get to Uluru for a very long time. I was so privileged to be able to take my three sons. We were with friends also. We had a FANTASTIC experience. We spent two days focusing on Uluru, and then a day at Kata Jtuta, Take your time and soak up the history and the majesty.”

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Brolga’s Kangaroo Sanctuary has been said by many people to be a “highlight of their trip” to the NT. Chris “Brolga” Barnes first established his kangaroo rescue centre in Alice Springs in 2005, and it eventually grew into a wildlife sanctuary in 2009. The sanctuary and Brolga’s amazing work has been the centre of a BBC show, “Kangaroo Dundee”, which has assisted the sanctuary in being promoted to a wider audience and helped in fund raising for the incredible work Brolga does.

It’s wonderful to know that if you give the sanctuary a visit you’re not only setting yourself up for a wonderful experience, but your tourism dollars are contributing towards an incredibly worthwhile cause.

One visitor commented…

“Brolga and his bouncing family are amazing and it was a humbling experience to spend time with them. The compassion and enthusiasm shown by Brolga, opening his home, his sanctuary and his heart, is so special. Learnt so much and getting up close to these amazing creatures, even nursing their abandoned babies, was an honour and a privilege. Unforgettable!”

Katherine Gorge

Katherine Gorge is located in Nitmiluk National Park, a roughly 3 hour drive from Darwin. The Gorge is comprised of 13 gorges, all with rapids and falls that follow the Katherine River. With incredible scenery and a variety of fauna and flora to view, you won’t be sorry to make the trip.

The park itself is rich with indigenous history, and has spiritual significance to the traditional owners, the Jawoyn and Dagomen people. You can view their rich history in the rock art paintings that date back thousands of years.

There are a few different ways to view the Gorge, but one of the most popular methods is floating down the river on a cruise. You can also tackle the Jatbula Trail, a 58 KM walk that passes through waterfalls, rainforest, and indigenous rock art. There are even rock pools you can take a swim in!

One visitor commented…

“We booked the three gorge tour, and found our local guide very knowledgeable, and very proud of his heritage and history. His presentation and boat skills were excellent. Transfer between gorges was smooth, swimming opportunity excellent and the day was fun.”

Jumping Crocodile Cruise

The Spectacular Jumping Crocodile (link) Cruises are held on the Adelaide River, approximately 45 minute from Darwin. A great way to get to see the otherwise quite elusive Freshwater Crocodile, this tour is run by a group of dynamite women who know the area incredibly well, and can guarantee a fantastic time for all who book a tour.

One visitor commented…

“What a Brilliant Day Out! This cruise was fantastic. These gals certainly know their business. Full of important and interesting facts not only on crocs but also about the Adelaide River and the wild life on it. We spotted heaps of crocs and watched our guide manipulate them around the boat and even onto the river bank so we could get a really good look at him. So much nicer seeing these reptiles in their natural habitat and not sleeping in a concrete pool.”

Let us know your favourite NT destination in the comments below!

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