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3 Edible Christmas Gift Ideas

December 17 2018 | Jade Walsh

3 Edible Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas treats aren’t just for feeding hungry family members at Christmas time; for the friend or family member who has everything, gifting a homemade treat can be a heartfelt way of showing them you care. Taking the time to pick ingredients, carefully follow instructions, and create something delicious can go down much better than another unneeded nick-knack.



There are some really creative and delicious olive oils out there. While olive oil as a gift might sound strange, it’s far less so when it’s infused with something special. There are many flavours it can be infused with – rosemary, chilli, ginger, spices… An almost endless list of delicious choices, which turn the humble olive oil into a gourmet kitchen aid.

We really enjoyed this tutorial by pepper design blog. Not only is the recipe easy to follow, but the advice on making the presentation gorgeous is what makes it seem like something really special.



Cinnamon Honey Butter – need we say more? We love this recipe by The food Charlton that makes it sound easy as pie to create this mouth-watering spread.

Not only can you find a variety of cute and crafty ways to present it, but you can also wrap it up with freshly baked scones or bread for an instant post dinner treat.



There’s something outrageously impressive about ginger bread houses. They often looks far too delicious to even think about breaking apart and eating. We think this BBC recipe is a great guide for making them from scratch, a far more impressive feat than constructing a shop bought kit.

Making something both beautiful and tasty will go down well with anyone who has a sweet tooth.

Do you have a favourite recipe you like to gift at Christmas time? let us know in the comments below.

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