Buyer’s Guide

How to Buy Right: 31 Essential Questions

Use this checklist to compare brands and help you choose the right new RV


  1. More value for less because of the largest buying power of any RV brand sold in Australia? ✔
  2. Nationwide support from Australia’s largest dealer and service network, comprising more than 100 locations around the country?
  3. 24-hour roadside assist for three years, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring you’re only ever a phone call from the support you need?* ✔
  4. Comprehensive 24-month Australia-wide warranty? ✔
  5. A track record of manufacturing since 1975, with models built in a state of the art manufacturing complex? ✔
  6. The assurance of spare parts in stock at an Australian factory? ✔
  7. RV’s designed and built in Australia for local conditions in accordance with Australian Design Regulations? ✔
  8. A consistently high and reliable resale value should you decide to upgrade?✔
  9. Industry benchmark operational checks and inspections for your safety? ✔
  10. A hail and dent resistant, aerodynamic fibreglass exterior? [N/A for Starcraft models] ✔
  11. A lightweight yet super strong hot-dipped galvanised Endurance Chassis for lifelong protection against corrosion? ✔
  12. An Aluminium frame – not timber – for extra strength and longevity, plus galvanised plating for secure fitment of internal furniture? ✔
  13. Eurostyle aluminium framed furniture featuring protective curved extrusions for strength and elegance? ✔
  14. A huge range of fabric, leather, floor vinyl and laminex options so you can customise the interior of your van? ✔
  15. Cushions made from high-resilience Dunlop™ foam, for years of comfort and support, and upholstery treated with antimicrobial protection to inhibit mould, mildew and fungi, as well as dust mite protection to help prevent asthma and allergy-related conditions? ✔
  16. An Intelligent power supply that will autosense 240V or 12V, adapt to an inconsistent power supply in remote areas and has an in-built charger to cater for an auxiliary battery? ✔
  17. Tyres inflated with nitrogen – not everyday air – reducing fuel usage, tyre wear and the risk of blowouts, while also improving ride and handling? ✔
  18. A lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of the roof lifter system? [Camper Trailers only] ✔
  19. RVMAP accreditation by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia? To qualify the brand has to meet strict compliance standards in manufacturing procedures and ethics. ✔


  1. The largest range of competitively priced RV’s – so you can find exactly what will suit your needs? ✔
  2. Discounted accommodation for your shakedown trip? ✔
  3. A quality customer experience including extensive after sales service? ✔
  4. Complementary RV Club membership that connects you to a wider RV community and gives you access to exclusive discounts and privileges? ✔
  5. One year’s Free Membership to the Top Tourist Parks national network of caravan & holiday parks offering accommodation discounts & other benefits? ✔
  6. A convenient one-stop-shop for all of your after sales service, spare parts, accessories and repairs? ✔
  7. The largest dedicated RV Service Facility in SA employing factory trained & accredited service technicians? ✔
  8. Over 35 years of continuous trading and an industry-wide, family-friendly reputation? ✔
  9. Factory trained and accredited Sales Staff ✔
  10. A unique 6 Star assurance programme on pre-used vans ✔
  11. RDAP accreditation by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia? To qualify the dealer has to meet strict compliance standards in leadership, dedication to professionalism, business performance and customer satisfaction. ✔

It is important to not only review the brand’s features and quality but to also review the integrity of the dealer to give you the added peace of mind.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us for advice.

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