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Handover Guide

Andy from Jayco

Get up to speed with your new Jayco

"Congratulations on the purchase of your new Jayco RV! Below we've put together some instructional videos to help you get familiar with some of the important aspects of your van. Remember, always feel free to contact your salesperson if you have any questions. We're always here to help!" - Andy

Camper Trailer Setup

Setting up your Jayco camper trailer (including awnings & annexes) is easy once you know how. Let us show you how it's done.

Rollout Awning & Annex

Setting up a roll-out awning & annex for a Jayco van. Check out this simple lesson to set up your shade and shelter quickly.

Powering Your Jayco RV

Learn what appliances run off your Jayco 12 volt battery and what needs 240 volts. Get to know where to find switches, your Jayco’s battery, transformer, and fuses. Also, discover how to monitor and maintain the health of your van’s battery.

Water Supply

Your Jayco can run off your van’s water pump or mains water at a park. This video shows how to operate both. Learn how your Jayco’s water system works.

Hot Water Service

How to operate and maintain your Jayco hot water system using gas or electricity.

Using Your Fridge

Not sure how your fridge works? Here’s a few tips to make sure you don’t flatten your battery or spoil good food.

Operating Your Toilet

A few simple procedures will ensure you continue to enjoy this convenience. Don’t miss this demonstration.

Camper Trailer Towing Tips

From the aspiring camper trailer adventurer to the towing veteran, check out this video for a rehash on the basics plus more advanced tips and tricks to make towing just a little bit easier.

Set up Your Jayco Poptop Awning

A simple to follow guide on how to set up your Jayco PopTop Awning.

Set up Your Jayco Motorhome Awning

A simple to follow guide on how to set up your Jayco Motorhome Awning.

Set up your Jayco Jpod Camper Trailer and Tent

A simple to follow guide on how to set up your Jayco Jpod Camper Trailer and Tent.

Set up Your Jayco Camper Trailer and Annexe

A simple to follow guide on how to set up your Jayco Camper Trailer and Annexe.

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